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Story 3D Movie

The film Passengers 3D tells about how the Starship Avalon spacecraft transports 5259 people to a colony on a distant planet, immersed in many years of sleep. The journey takes 120 years, but as a result of a malfunction, two anabiotic capsules prematurely depressurize. The two passengers wake up and realize that they are locked on a ship, with another 90 years of travel left to their destination. Aurora Dan (Jennifer Lawrence) is a New York-based writer with an interest in space travel. Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is a mechanical engineer from Denver who wanted to leave Earth and bought a ship ticket. They soon discover that the malfunction that caused them to wake up ahead of schedule is not the only problem threatening the huge spacecraft. Trying to find a way out, young people get closer and soon realize that they are in love with each other. Together they will have to save the ship and its passengers from disaster.

Review 3D Movie

The spaceship "Avalon" flies to explore a distant planet. The flight will last 120 years, and therefore the crew and colonists are in deep hibernation. They should only get out of it a few months before landing. 30 years after the start of the voyage, the Avalon stumbles upon a powerful meteor shower. The defense system fails, the ship's computer crashes, and this activates the hibernation capsule containing the mechanic Jim (Chris Pratt). The guy turns out to be the only awake person on the entire ship, and he cannot plunge into the freeze again. There is no corresponding equipment on the Avalon. A year passes before the writer-journalist Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) awakens ahead of time and Jim stops going crazy with loneliness.
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