Horrors 3d movies
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Dr. Henry Jared was a genius. He created a magnificent 3D wax museum, filling it with historical characters from Mark Antony and Cleopatra to Lincoln and his assassin.
IMDB: 7.1
SIZE: 18.79 GB
Horrors 3d movies
Another part of the franchise about demons, witches and obsession.
IMDB: 4.6
SIZE: 33.80 GB
Horrors 3d movies
A peaceful summer weekend turns into a bloody nightmare in which underwater assassins hunt down a group of college students.
IMDB: 4.0
SIZE: 36.80 GB
Horrors 3d movies
New tenants are always welcome in this apartment. But no one knows about the legend of the curse that dwells here.
IMDB: 2.5
SIZE: 25.96 GB
Horrors 3d movies
In 2018, in Spain, the prisoner Dante (William Miller) escapes from a prison and is chased by a robot dog.
IMDB: 3.1
SIZE: 14.23 GB
Horrors 3d movies
Arkin escapes with his life from the vicious grips of "The Collector" during an entrapment party where he adds beautiful Elena to his "Collection."
IMDB: 6.1
SIZE: 12.81 GB
Horrors 3d movies
An ambitious director decides to make a film about the massacre of a maniac clown in an abandoned summer camp.
IMDB: 3.0
SIZE: 22.50 GB
Horrors 3d movies
Three guys go looking for a good time at a new gentlemen's club, but some strange and deadly things start happening.
IMDB: 3.8
SIZE: 22.73 GB
Horrors 3d movies
Tara Woodley is a reporter looking to do a story on the famous ghosts of an old desert town. she can't seem to find the place until she picks up a strange hitchhiker, who tells her he knows the way.
IMDB: 2.5
SIZE: 22.83 GB
Horrors 3d movies
In the movie Lost Place 3d blu ray while on a GPS treasure hunt in the Palatinate forest (Pfaelzerwald), four teenagers come across an abandoned US military radio tower station that once was part of
IMDB: 4.3
SIZE: 45.21 GB
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In the movie Haunting Of Winchester House 3d blu ray, finding themselves in straitened circumstances, the Greener family agrees to look after the old mansion, despite the notoriety of the sinister
IMDB: 3.4
SIZE: 22.22 GB
Horrors 3d movies
Eyes of the Werewolf 3d blu ray - A lab accident leaves Rich blind and at the mercy of an unscrupulous surgeon who performs an accidental eye transplant using the eye of a werewolf.Hunting Season 3d
IMDB: 3.6
SIZE: 20.59 GB