How do you add audio to a 3D movie?

The 3D-HD.CLUB features each 3D movie with one or more audio tracks to accommodate viewers in selecting their preferred language. Although the site primarily caters to English language, we recognize the diverse language preferences of our users. Consequently, we strive to provide movies in multiple languages. If you wish to have a movie in your language, you can:

  • Submit a request for audio via email, attaching the source for your audio "link movie file" (expediting the audio addition process).
  • If you urgently need to add audio yourself but lack the know-how, refer to our dedicated instruction for guidance "How to add new audio languages"
  • Alternatively, patiently wait for us to independently incorporate additional audio, with the timeframe currently undisclosed.

Adding Subtitles to a 3D movie is a more complicated process so we are not adding new subtitles at this time.

We appreciate your understanding and kindly request that you refrain from discussing this matter in the movie comments.