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Download 3d movie The Finest Hours is a blockbuster based on real events, which tells about one of the most outstanding rescue operations in the history of the US Coast Guard. Using 3D and IMAX technologies when shooting a movie will allow viewers to be in the very center of epic events and experience the feeling of being fully present in the very center of a perfect storm.

On February 18, 1952, a violent hurricane hit the coast of New England, flooding the cities along the entire east coast and destroying ships caught in the open sea. The Pendleton tanker, heading for Boston, was literally torn into two parts, and thirty-two sailors were trapped in a sinking ship. Senior Assistant Engineer Ray Cybert (Casey Affleck) took control of his comrades who were scared to death and convinced them to start working together to take the elements and get to the shore alive. Meanwhile, reports of a tanker crash arrived at the US Coast Guard station in Chatham, Massachusetts. Officer Daniel Kluff (Eric Bana) decided to launch a risky operation to save the Pendleton team. The four rescuers, led by captain Bernie Weber (Chris Pine) on a wooden boat with a weak engine and almost no means of navigation, will have to fight back giant waves and hurricane winds in order to save the sailors in distress...

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In 1952, the oil tanker gets into a strong storm and breaks in half. Its nose immediately sinks, but the feed is kept afloat, as it contains pumps that pump out the outboard water. However, the surviving sailors realize that within a few hours they will suffer the fate of their dead comrades, among whom were the captain of the vessel and the first mate. Since the rescue fleet is already deployed elsewhere, only a small Coast Guard boat under the command of boatswain Bernie Webber (Chris Pine) can help the crew of the tanker. But the storm lifts the waves to the height of a multi-storey building, and each of them can drown a fragile ship. Therefore, everyone at the post where Bernie serves is well aware - the guy and his three comrades go to certain death. Unless, of course, they decide to go out into the raging ocean from a safe bay.


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