Blu-Ray 3D Movies

Blu-Ray 3D is a new format for distributing 3D movies based on the H. 264 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) codec and files with the SIFF extension. As a carrier, ordinary BD25 or BD50 disks are used. The format itself is a subspecies of a separate stereo pair in Dualstream.

The main difference is that a special MVC (Multiview Video Codec) based on the AVC stereo profile is used for video compression, which was originally designed for compressing stereo pairs. The main*. M2TS file contains the left angle and a special "3D" flag for 3D players. And the SIFF subdirectory contains information that allows you to calculate the right angle based on the left angle. With this encoding, you can save ~25% of disk space. The accuracy of the synchronization of the camera angles is provided not by the player, but by the compression format itself.

Watch 3D movies in format - Blu-Ray 3D