The Monkey King 2 3D Full HD 2016 1080p


China, Hong Kong
Chin Pou-Soi
1h 59 min.
Fantasy 3D
1920 х 1080p

Story 3D Movie

In the movie The Monkey King 2 3D, two kids and an old man once met. He is a monk, lives in a cave, and when the children came to him, he told them the story of the Monkey King, who was actually called Sun-Wukong. The elder keeps a lot of scrolls, which tells about Sun-Wukun. There was once a world, fabulous and very wonderful. It was inhabited by both people and all kinds of other creatures, including gods. Peaceful life did not last long. The demons decided to organize an uprising and began to fight with the gods. The latter won, became angry with the demons and chose a place of imprisonment for them: the fiery mountain. So that there were no more attacks, a goddess named Nua became shards that united in the Gates of Heaven. The main mission of this incredible Gate is to protect the inhabitants from the dark forces. However, one shard gave birth to an intelligent monkey, which soon took on the mission of the protector. After long adventures of Sun-Wukong (and it was he) became the monkey king. Many battles and adventures await him.

Review 3D Movie

A bright, positive, colorful film. The characters are interesting, the locations are beautiful. Laughter through tears and tears after laughter ... A kind of humor, one might say, childish. A film that has depth does not at all pretend to be that depth. In my opinion, the best film about religion - in this case, Buddhism. After watching, there is quiet joy and bright sadness in the soul - joy from the greatness of a person and sadness - after all, the one walking will master the road, and the seeker will find it.
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