Journey to the West The Demons Strike Back 3D Blu Ray 2017

Journey to the West The Demons Strike Back 3D Blu Ray 2017

Year: 2017
Country: China
Producer: Hark Tsui
Duration: 1h 49 min.
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D
Cast: Kris Wu, Kenny Lin, Chen Yao, Yun Lin, Yiwei Yang, Mengke Bateer
Language: English
IMDB: 5.4
Story 3D Movie

The journey for the scriptures continues. A movie about "Journey to the West The Demons Strike Back" 3d blu ray sometimes the monk Tang Xuanzong dreams that their goal has been achieved and he receives a reward from the Gods. But in reality, everything is much sadder: for the sake of feeding an unusual company, it is necessary to amuse the bazaar audience, and the monk also has to make sure that the Monkey King does not accidentally hit someone from the villagers. The relationship between these two is not particularly warm and is based on mutual blackmail and threats, but cunning demons do not slumber and strive to attack travelers, so it is better for a monk, a monkey King, a pig and a river dragon to stick together.

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Trailer Journey to the West The Demons Strike Back 3D Blu Ray 2017
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  1. 24 January 2023 00:33

    in spanish please

  2. 24 January 2023 20:39

    Very dear admin,

    Thanks you sooooooooooooo veryyyyyyyy much for adding my most favorite 3D movie. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TGE
    9 March 2023 18:20

    Hi. Can you do a FullSBS version of this movie?.

    Thanks for your work.

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