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The Legend of Tarzan 3d blu ray movie is an overly dark and serious variation on the theme of Tarzan, which ends too weakly for a multi-million dollar Hollywood production. Tarzan the legends about the ape-man began with the story of gorilla rearing of a little boy who grew up and became a mighty warrior, but what happened next after he saved Jane and became her husband?

Years passed after the man whom everyone knew as Tarzan (Skasgard) took his rightful name, John Clayton, Lord Greystock, and left the African jungle. Together with his wife (Robbie) he leads a measured life, becoming one of the representatives of the high society of England, and the incredible adventures of the past have become only a part of the memories. The reputation of John Clayton as an expert in the affairs of the Black Continent is pushing the English Parliament to appoint him trade emissary in the Belgian Congo. Who could have imagined that Lord Greystock would be destined to return to the land where his wild life began? He does not know that the expedition is just a cover for the evil plan of intruders. But in vain they hoped to enrich themselves with its help - upon arriving home, Clayton quickly realizes what lies behind “trading activity”. An attempt to influence the former savage with threats and blackmail, only inflames him, and now there is no trace of a civilized man, the primal rage of the monkey lord falls upon the enemy, the battle cry of Tarzan gathers the entire army of the jungle to destroy the invaders in the ocean.

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Years have passed since Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard) raised by monkeys realized that he was a man - the son of an aristocratic British couple who had been shipwrecked off the shores of the Congo. Now he lives in a London mansion, sits in parliament, enjoys family life with Jane Porter (Margot Robbie) and is not eager to return to Africa. Meanwhile, the Belgian representative in the Congo Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz) is looking for a way to recoup state investments in the colony as quickly as possible. When he finds diamond mines in the mountains, Rum enters into a contract with the local leader Mbonga (Jimon Khonsu). In addition, long-time accounts with Tarzan, and Mbonga swears that he will shower the Belgians with diamonds, if they deliver him a 'monkey-man.' To Tarzan did not suspect anything, Rum invites him to the Congo as the representative of Britain and promises to show how Belgium civilizes Africans, building schools and hospitals for them. Together with Tarzan and Jane, a black American military and politician George Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) is sent to Africa, who suspects that Belgium is cruelly exploiting the Congolese.


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