Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem 3D Blu Ray 2023

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem 3D Blu Ray 2023

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Producer: Jeff Rowe, Kyler Spears
Duration: 1h 39 min.
IMDB: 7,4
3DHD: 8.67
3 772
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Storyline 3D Movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem 3D will tell the story of how the grown-up sewer-dwelling turtle brothers, mutated into bipedal creatures and trained in ninja martial arts, become curious about life on the surface and venture into the city for the first time. Here, they make new friends and enemies, enjoy typical teenage activities, and embark on a series of incredible adventures while trying to uncover the mystery of their origins. Download and watch the 3D movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem to find out more.

3D Movie from the Franchise - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem 3D Blu Ray 2023 originally was not released in 3D but has been converted to 3D specifically for the 3D-HD.CLUB, offering viewers an enhanced visual experience of the thrilling action sequences and special effects in the movie.

3D conversion by JFC

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Overall 3D Score: 8.67 out of 10 (votes: 1)
More about this 3D Movie

After years of being sheltered from the human world, the Turtle brothers set out to win the hearts of New Yorkers and be accepted as normal teenagers. Their new friend, April O'Neil, helps them take on a mysterious crime syndicate, but they soon get in over their heads when an army of mutants is unleashed upon them.

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Trailer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem 3D Blu Ray 2023
User reviews (30)
  1. Guest
    15 September 2023 19:27
    Thanks. Can u pls add 5.1 German language?
    1. 3D ADMIN
      15 September 2023 21:10
      Yes, but later as soon as this movie is available in other languages.
      1. jim
        15 September 2023 22:17
        German 7.1 released 2 hours ago. PLSSSS
  2. Mauries
    15 September 2023 19:36
    Nice, thanks!!!
  3. Guest
    15 September 2023 21:56
    Fantastico! Then i just wait. Thanks!
  4. Moon3D
    16 September 2023 01:35
    I have been carefully observing JFC’s ​​work for several months. One thing I notice is that the quality of his work is getting better and better and more sophisticated in terms of conversion.
    Like Spiderman, the animation is full of details and constant camera movement. And yet we never lose the effect of 3D. This shows that he takes his time to carefully measure each sequence in order to achieve optimal results. And I think that overall, it's pretty successful. Some memorable moments like the beginning of the film. Sends an incredible detachment and we feel that there are several shots like a model that we want to discover what is still happening inside. I don't forget the action sequences and the graphic aggressiveness used by the artists, because yes it's an animation it's unique in its kind. And I will finish at the end of the credits with this nice surprise of the JFC logo, which I find splendid in order to mark its signature.

    Note: Some time ago I asked him directly about converting Walt Disney's masterpiece "Sleeping Beauty 1959" and his response was "I hate converting animations ". Surprising for someone who doesn't like animation when he converted two recently and with unrivaled quality. In any case, I hope that one day he will grant my wish.
  5. Ryan
    16 September 2023 01:59
    Yes! Thank you so much for this conversion!
    1. Ryan
      16 September 2023 02:20
      Well, I was going to renew my TakeFile subscription for this, but I can't seem to get it to work. I paid with PayPal last time, but now when I try the first link it says it didn't work. And all the other PayPal links look suspicious or add extra fees and steps.

      This site would be a lot more successful if you could find a better way of signing up for these services.
      1. 3D ADMIN
        23 September 2023 12:18
        you can always go premium on MoonDL - buy premium
  6. Tom
    17 September 2023 20:51
    Pls add germana language, should be out by now
  7. Guest
    19 September 2023 00:05
    Very good conversion!

    Don't like the logo tho.
    Hope this ain't become standard.
  8. Guest
    19 September 2023 02:05
    Absolutely loved the conversion. You have gotten really good at making these and making them quick. This one is a big treat though for me. The depth added to the animation really brought it together on another level for me. It's a real shame that movies are going away with but we are lucky to have you to keep making movies better.

    Would love to see Slumberland or Dodgeball A True Underdog Story if/when you get a chance.
  9. edgar
    20 September 2023 15:04
    This here is not a Chat... please, only leave here comments about the quality of the film and the 3D.
    Your wishes about the languages ​​or other things like films that should be
    converted to 3D, the format you want. The films you're missing here in real 3D. That
    all can be posted on Telegam. This is not the right place for posts like this.
    These posts here are intended to help people figure out if this version is right for them.
    Please only add contributions about the quality of the film, the 3D quality and if there are any problems
    with the files, like out of sync, pixels, etc. This helps to improve this site and help other users
    to find what they are looking for. The languages, subtitles, type of 3D and format, this all is described.
    At the beginning I also asked whether it was possible to publish all films in the five basic languages
    English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. But that's just a wish... and I did the same thing as you, question by question.
    But that's not helpful, admin can't go through all pages and read all posts under each movie...
    Most films released here just when released in the US. This means that this is not the case for all languages
    available at the time of publication. Additional languages ​​could only be added upon their official release at the earliest.
    But to add other languages that's just an option, not a MUST, just a CAN.
    If you know better... It's just a few things you need to add the language you need yourself.
    - A virtual player to find out the lag time when out of sync.
    - For Full or Half SBS/OU you need mkvToolnix
    - For ISO you need a virtual drive and TSmuxer
    - And of course a source from which the sound comes...
    - about 15 minutes of your time with mkvToolnix or about an hour of your time with TSMuxer
    This is a US site whose primary language is English. If someone isn't willing to wait...
    Please download or rip your required language and use the tool as described in the blog:
    “How to add new audio languages” https://3d-hd.club/1387-how-to-add-new-audio-linguals.html
    1. 3D ADMIN
      23 September 2023 12:22
      that's right, subscribe to our Telegram - https://t.me/hd3dclub
  10. Guest
    20 September 2023 16:50
    Thank you! Without studios having mostly abandoned 3D, it's awesome to be able to continue enjoying quality new conversions thanks to JFC. One request however... please don't add or modify elements that IMHO don't belong in the movie like this: https://imgur.com/u2239IM

    Happy to support this site, and JFC's work!
    1. JFC
      21 September 2023 19:32
      gonna add more of this stuff now
      thanks for the compliment
  11. edgar
    20 September 2023 17:24
    Congratulations to the nice Watermark in the openig and end credits. It is fine and subtle but striking and somehow cool. I like it. Some of you are right. It doesn't belong there. But it's also not appropriate to take JFC's work and do business with it. After all, he did the work in 3D. It's HIS time and money for equipment... So WE can enjoy some unparalleled hours in 3D. I think we owe him the respect to accept that he is protecting his work.
    1. JFC
      20 September 2023 20:11
      Thank you 🍿❤️
      1. 3Dfan-a-tic
        21 September 2023 03:34
        Watermarks are obviously your choice, but it bothers (me, maybe others) because it's altering the movie... even if it's in the start/end credits. Why?! People can still post your work elsewhere, but for those of us who enjoy your work, let us enjoy the 3D experience w/o hammering it in that it's 3D-HD Club's or yours. We know, we support you... with words of appreciate/praise and money to this site. What's next?! Watermarks in the main content itself?!
        1. JFC
          21 September 2023 18:59
          Okay, so you are complaining about watermarks that arent intrusive, at the beginning and end, to label my work. Why?
          You complain that it’s altering the film, are you slow or perhaps you don’t realise i am altering the film by working on it in the first place. If you want an unaltered version of the film, watch it in 2D.
          The Paramount studio intro at the start of their films is altering the film itself too, but you don’t complain about that.
          If im working on a film, I reserve the right to credit my work on the film.

          And as for your last comment, you must be new, because with that attitude, yes, i will put them on the film itself if people cannot respect that i did this.
          It must be so easy to sit there, having nothing to do with the work, complaining about a short credit at the start of the film, when it doesn’t affect you at all.

          It would be an honour for me to lose a supporter that doesn’t respect me, you support this site, sure, but i do not run or own this site, they commission me to work on these films. What have you done for me?
          Because i spend my days working on these tirelessly, sometimes 90-100 hours a week and i am not phased at all to add more watermarks. If my audience disrespects me by reposting my work when i have explicitly asked them not to, i will add more, they only bother people that look to sell or profit from my work and don’t get in the way of the film itself.

          Don’t download it if you can’t handle a short, non intrusive watermark.
          1. 3Dfan-a-tic
            22 September 2023 03:03
            Wow... said I respect your work, support this site, both as a fan and monetarily (and as a result whatever portion you get). Was simply voicing my opinion. Not discounting the many hours you invest. Will leave it at that.
        2. Manni2
          30 September 2023 21:53
          Can't understand you. There is no option for new 3d content anymore even if you want to pay for it. This watermark gets more supporters and more supporters mean more content.
  12. Manni2
    30 September 2023 21:45
    i have the german ac3dd+ audio stream. is it possible to upload it? i also could upload the german version. I already changed the audio lines for my .iso
  13. Guest
    5 October 2023 05:05
    This is much better than Barbie. I would say the watermark is a bit annoying. I know JFC put a lot of work into this but let's not pretend this site doesn't steal because I see the same content that is not JFC that was hosted over there. So this whole like "it's mine" thing I sorta get but putting that in an actual movie is a bit low in my opinion, if anything paying members here should have a watermark free version. If you want to include a readme file with credits I think that works best.
  14. edgar
    5 October 2023 19:17
    Hello Mr Dude,
    Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion here, but if it is partly based on incorrect information then it should not necessarily be made public. Anyone who buys TakeFile or MoonDL in order to be able to download is primarily supporting MoonDL, TakeFile and a little bit of this site. This site has to pay for its content. But this is only possible if this content is only used privately. If this content is distributed elsewhere, then 3DClub cannot pay for the productions and therefore the "it's mine" is completely misinterpreted. This site has been publishing 3D content for many years. Much longer than we get conversions from JFC. JFC publishes his works on this site. So 3DClub doesn't steal but actually gets it exclusively. From your status I can tell that you are only here for downloading, so you don't support JFC or this site directly. That's not a bad thing, but you also have to pay for your internet access at home, so it's no different with the servers here. You cannot tell from your status that you are a member of this site; you are a guest. Members of this site support this site. VIPs also support the creator of these masterful conversions that you rightly praise. The few "businessmen" who copy JFC's works and distribute his works on other sites or sell them for high prices on Blu-rays or are HERE, among the people who download content from this site. But of course no one would admit it. So your suggestion wouldn't help. Whether the watermark bothers you or not, the fact is that there are almost no significant 3D releases left in the world. Live with it or leave it. If I go by the download numbers, the 3-5 people who are bothered by the watermark are negligible. And be honest. If someone uses SKY, STARS, DAZN, WARNERTV, or any other streaming provider, they also cost money and you often get such overlays... and like at Starz, even in the middle of the film or permanently in a corner.

    Most people didn't even notice the logo at the beginning. And the logo at the end is so integrated into the last seconds that it ultimately doesn't change anything about the film. A film in 3D that wasn't made in 3D is in itself a big change to it. If you didn't know that this was from JFC and hadn't followed these discussions here, you probably wouldn't even notice the intro logo. This site, and the fact that you can continue to enjoy 3D in the future when the industry is so shamefully failing us, depends on JFC continuing to sacrifice his free time for us so that WE can have a few nice hours. We owe him more than just the respect that he has every right to protect his works. See it sporty and be proud to watch something with friends that NO ONE else can get in 3D anywhere else. Isn't it something very special?

    "Please use the Telegramm Channel for any Chat"
  15. AKN
    15 October 2023 22:04
    Great job!! Enjoyed the 3D conversion.
  16. Guest
    17 October 2023 16:26
    I Love it, the movies 3D!!!!
  17. Guest
    22 October 2023 14:37
    i dont understand how he did this, this is by far the best work he has done, why its so good? because of the 2d/3d styled opticts? why are other movies not like this

    jfc please explain!
  18. Guest
    10 November 2023 10:03
    still no german language...
  19. Nick M
    26 February 2024 07:17
    JFC put a lot of work into this animation and it shows on this film. The animation style makes the 3D effect really pop with appreciable depth. Highly recommend this conversion, and for the record the watermarks are not really intrusive and JFC deserves credit for all his hard work. I think animations with hard lines work best for these types of conversions, I seem to notice live action film with hair and glasses are the most problematic as they get stretched and it creates a story pop-up book effect, but none of that is seen in this film. Great job!
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