Evil Dead Rise 3D Blu Ray 2023

Evil Dead Rise 3D Blu Ray 2023

Year: 2023
Country: USA
Producer: Lee Cronin
Duration: 1h 36 min.
Genre: Horrors 3D
Cast: Mirabai Pease, Richard Crouchley, Anna-Maree Thomas, Lily Sullivan, Noah Paul, Alyssa Sutherland, Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies
IMDB: 6.9
4 776
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3d movies
Story 3D Movie

Beth found out about her pregnancy and went to visit Ellie's older sister. Ellie is a single mother raising three wayward children. Circumstances confront the family with a secret vault in an apartment building that is planned to be demolished. It is in the basement that a stack of deadly vinyl records and the Necronomicon book rest, inadvertently opened by a child and launched a series of nightmarish events. Demonic forces have been released, taken control of Ellie and are now planning to destroy the entire family imprisoned in the house. Download and watch Evil Dead Rise 3D. 

Evil Dead Rise 3D Blu Ray 2023 originally was not released in 3D but has been converted to 3D specifically for the 3D-HD.CLUB, offering viewers an enhanced visual experience of the thrilling action sequences and special effects in the movie.

3D conversion by JFC

Review 3D Movie

Witness a new dimension of terror in Evil Dead Rise 3D.

A release inspired by 3D horror films of the past (Friday the 13th, Saw 3D, My Bloody Valentine, The Final Destination), "Evil Dead Rise" in 3D represents the best pop out shots as well as the deepest shots JFC has ever offered, with exactly 666 individually converted shots and thousands of frames manually crafted, Evil Dead Rise 3D is a release you can't miss.

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Half SBS 3D 1920x1080p: 5.96 GB

Half OU 3D 1920x1080p: 5.98 GB

Full SBS 3D 3840x1080p: 8.30 GB

Blu-ray 3D: 25.32 GB

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Trailer Evil Dead Rise 3D Blu Ray 2023
Latest comments (5)
  1. Lauro
    24 May 2023 15:02
    Hi there, JFC! Your conversions are pretty awesome, specially considering you do it alone. If possible, I would really enjoy a conversion of The Incredibles, it's my favorite animation and unfortunately one of the only Pixar ones that didn't get a 3D version back then. Thank you!
  2. Sebi Aleksander
    28 June 2023 14:34
    How can you leave a comment when you can’t even watch the movies unless you download them? Which again is terrible because you can download only one movie a day because they forcing you to buy a plan .
  3. Guest
    28 June 2023 23:59
    Incredible. This movie has no review. It may be the greatest 3D movie made to date. I do not take those words lightly. It is so perfect. The deepness of this movie is spot on. You can tell great care was taken to extract every last bit of 3D that could be taken from this movie. Yes, some movies have more pop-outs. And many are very exciting to watch, but for 3D completeness it is unrivaled. I have over 1000 movies on 3D Blu Ray, and this is the top of my list. This movie encapsulates all that is JFC and all the best of 3D. It is magnificent with no eye strain, and yet you are immersed so deeply, unlike most 3D conversions. This is no conversion. This is A TRUE INSPIRATION. You have set a high mark here, JFC, to get over. Is it possible with Dunkirk?
  4. Guest
    8 July 2023 23:59
    I'll make it short.
    perfekt job
  5. SS
    26 July 2023 22:12

    This is the first 3D conversion I downloaded off this site. At first, I was pretty much not convinced because of some other 3D conversions I had the awful experience to watch in the past on many 3D forums, but THANKFULLY this wasn't the case.
    In the beggining I was like: Hmm, could it be that they simply stole the studio's official 3D logo intros? But then, the drone moving through the jungle in the classic Evil Dead style hooked me in.
    I stayed through the initial sequence, and frankly, stood in awe taking all of JFC's effort in.
    The vegetation and water were given depth, and let's not even get started on PICTURES and SCREENS.
    This movie conversion is a solid 8/10.

    And boy, I wasn't aware of what was yet to come with JFCs future releases...
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