Evil Dead 2 3D Blu Ray 1987

Evil Dead 2 3D Blu Ray 1987

Year: 1987
Country: USA
Producer: Sam Raimi
Duration: 1h 24 min.
Format 3D: 2D to 3D, SBS 3D
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Ted Raimi, Denise Bixler
Language: English
IMDB: 7.7
1 811
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Story 3D Movie

Ash and his girlfriend Linda come to a small house lost in the woods to have a romantic time. While Linda was tidying up in one of the rooms, Ash began to look around the house and came across an old book "Necronomicon" and a tape recorder belonging to the former owner - a professor of archaeology. After running the tape, Ash heard strange spells recorded by the professor, and an evil spirit awoke in the forest, turning Linda into a demon.

Evil Dead 2 3D Blu Ray 1987 originally was not released in 3D but has been converted to 3D specifically for the 3D-HD.CLUB, offering viewers an enhanced visual experience of the thrilling action sequences and special effects in the movie.

3D conversion by JFC

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Trailer Evil Dead 2 3D Blu Ray 1987
Latest comments (6)
  1. Elsius
    10 January 2023 06:58

    We appreciate you very much JFC, especially me.

    But most of these movies aren't fans' favorites.

    I encourage your works to be focused on better films that will never be on 3D

    such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park II, Jurassic Park III

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy 3840X1080p (those that aren't on 3D)


    Fun Story

    Jurassic Park II, Jurassic Park III was never released in 3D blurays.

    We thought someone found the theatrical 3D movies and leaked them. 

    They aren't superb HD, but great 3D. Only now we're starting to realize

    they may have been 2D to 3D conversion (There's doubt still).

    These two movies may have been the very first real 2D to 3D successfully converted.

     The author goes by the name of nickarad

    We're happy to have you, and I hope you convert those movies that are in demand. 

    Your 3840X1080p will be greatly appreciated.

    1. JFC
      10 January 2023 17:26
      I wouldn’t call those Jurassic Park movies 3D conversions. They are 2D side by side with slight offset, no layering at all, no individual depth on objects. Adding negative parallax to a 2D film is not converting it to 3D ??
      1. Elsius
        10 January 2023 20:38
        Your releases are on a different level.
  2. 3D ADMIN
    10 January 2023 11:18

    Yes, these movies will also appear later, they just take longer.  Join the chat room and vote and request your desired movies

  3. Elsius
    10 January 2023 20:36

    Thank you guys lol

  4. Guest
    28 June 2023 21:27
    Well I guess you can't please everyone, but an Evil Dead movie in 3D? Are you kidding? This is the land of perfect 3D here. You won't believe how much better this movie is now. It was a little off to me many many years ago when I saw it at the theatre. It is just right now in 3D. JFC was right. It really needed a 3D version. 10/10 for 3D. This is wonderful horror movie in 3D now. A classic movie in 2d, but now in 3D, you have the makings of the best horror has to offer. Please do check it out. Worth your time. Beautifully done JFC!
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