WALL-E 3D Blu Ray 2008

WALL-E 3D Blu Ray 2008

Year: 2008
Country: USA
Producer: Andrew Stanton
Duration: 1h 38 min.
Cast: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, MacInTalk, John RatzenbergerKathy, Najimy, Sigourney Weaver
Language: English
IMDB: 8.4
1 012
Story 3D Movie

Humanity, having made the Earth completely uninhabitable, flew into space a long time ago. The little robot WALL-E 3d blu ray, or the Universal Annihilator Landscape Light - Intelligent, has been working for centuries in proud solitude on a depopulated planet, clearing it of garbage. His only entertainment is a lovingly assembled collection of plastic trinkets, a Rubik's cube, a hand cockroach and a cassette with the movie "Hello, Dolly!". Having fallen in love with the robot EVA, sent by humans to search for a habitable planet, WALL-E gets on a reconnaissance spaceship and sets off to meet new adventures on a big space journey.

Review 3D Movie

The earth has turned a rusty red color. Next to the dilapidated skyscrapers, new ones have grown – huge houses made of cubes. Cubes are compressed garbage collected by the Wall–E cleaning robot, which for some reason was forgotten to turn off and now works forever - repairs itself, refuels from solar panels. There are no people on the planet: they made a mess of it and flew into space on a giant spaceship. 

Wall-e leads the life of an ideal bachelor. He collects all sorts of stuff left over from people, some kind of babies. In his hangar there is a perfectly structured bachelor mess with moving shelves. His life is pleasant and measured: work, home, hobbies and a pet – a cheerful cockroach of those that will survive even a nuclear catastrophe.

And then a woman appears in his life. He loves her. And she is faithful to her duty, but then she also loves him.

He is following her to this very huge spaceship, because she is a scout and must bring there a green sprout – proof that life on Earth has appeared again and humanity can return there.

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Trailer WALL-E 3D Blu Ray 2008
Latest comments (15)
  1. 25 January 2023 14:13

    Is it a 2D coversion or a natively 3D movie?

    1. 3D ADMIN
      25 January 2023 15:05
      converted 3d
      1. Kalpesh Chavan
        26 January 2023 17:48
        You must correctly labeled the genre if its 2D to 3D or not.
        1. 3dMoversFan
          2 February 2023 03:21
          That's why it is under the "2D to 3D" category... Just click the 3 bars in the top left then select the category at the bottom to look for a movie before downloading it. That being said the person who is doing all these recent coversions has been doing an amazing job with them. I just wish they would do Mitchel's vs The Machines, Moulin Rouge, The Nutcracker and The Four Realms, A Wrinkle in Time, the 3rd Matrix, and a few others that are on my list of wish I could see them in 3D
  2. Elsius
    28 January 2023 09:44

    Is this from JFC? No mention of his name.

    The Converter goes by DGC

    I don't mind new addition to the crew, I actually welcome it as long as movies look real 3D

    I'm gonna preview it and report back.


    The war is over lol

    This is the first time I see the screen coming at me.

    I had to quickly stop it to report back.

    If this is NOT from JFC as the name suggest, it's a big break through.


    1. Kalpesh Chavan
      28 January 2023 20:52
      Which war we won.......that I even don't know about? lolz
      1. Elsius
        28 January 2023 22:54
        Lots of people were advocating for 3D to end completely. They weren't satisfy with just not watching them.
        It seems we have other people doing 2D to 3D conversion now. The file name has - DGB which usually the author.

        This isn't a flat screen 3D. It leaves the screen. Images are all on your face like a real 3D movie with all the great effects.

        This is a huge breakthrough because someone will eventually share the knowledge and we'll be able to make our own than waiting some someone to convert our favorite movies. I'll even convert my favorite TV shows.

        Hey Admin, do we have a new addition to our crew?

        1. JFC
          29 January 2023 22:51
          This was given to the site by me, with permission from DGC.
          DGC and I know each other and the things I told him regarding conversions stay between us. Simply speaking, DGC has experience, I helped him with things, but he knew a lot of about 3D before that.
          He has invested a lot of time and money into doing this.

          Bad 3D equals no 3D in future, inexperienced and bad conversions will make people hate 3D more than they already do.
          This process takes effort, my methods grow and improve every time, the reason they improve is because I grew them and know what needs to be changed, the only people I’m interested in helping are those with previous experience who I know and can trust.

          Trying to hijack other peoples research and innovation just leads to the people who are creating the methods and improving them losing passion.
          1. 3dMoversFan
            2 February 2023 03:28
            Imma keep recommending to convert these movies... Especially now that I just installed my new 8 tb drive and actually have enough space to download movies making it worthwhile to pay for faster downloads again. Please consider converting Mitchel's vs The Machines, Moulin Rouge, The Nutcracker and The Four Realms, A Wrinkle in Time, the 3rd Matrix, Encanto, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Sing 2. I am sure there are more I can recommend, but these are all off the top of my head. Oh, also both the American Final Fantasy movie and the Advent Childrens movie!
          2. Elsius
            4 February 2023 03:59

            DGC is very talented and has reached the master level already. It seems you're very invested in befriended people with great knowledge in 2D to 3D conversion and encouraging them to keep the knowledge top secret. You said you're helping him but I see he's the first to reproduce Hollywood real 3D effects with image coming at the viewers. Is he mentoring you too as well.

            You can keep your knowledge private and that's within your rights. We thank you for sharing.
            DGB has reached the master level. I understand why you wouldn't want him to share his knowledge. If the old masters kept their knowledge to themselves, we probably wouldn't have painters today making beautiful paintings. We're trying hard to protect the pyramids for future generation.

            Now we know there are others we can now referred to as Masters in 2D to 3D conversion. Soon they'll all come to light.

            I'm sure Master DGB has some of all of the followings: brother, sister, friends that he will hopefully share the knowledge with. There are others I'm sure already know how to bring the screen out to the audience face. We just haven't met them yet as we only stay here. We're not looking for them. But we should. Your response makes me realize we need to look further than 3D-HD.

            People would only hijack something someone put out there. If they share the knowledge, it won't be your knowledge.

            We all love you and no one admire you here more than me.

  3. Elsius
    29 January 2023 07:20

    I want the ADMIN to come out of silence to CONFIRM this is indeed 2D to 3D conversion.

    For those who are confused and were wondering if this is a real Official 3D copy that played in movie theatre. It is confirm above that Master DGB has actually did the 2D to 3D conversion.

  4. 4 February 2023 07:03

    the only people I’m interested in helping are those with previous experience who I know and can trust.

    but he is better than you  smiley  relaxed 


  5. Elsius
    4 February 2023 09:55

     To be truthful, The amount of people with interest in 3D videos are EXTREMELY slim, extremely to a point no 3D TV being made and very few 3D projectors being made. Lots of 4K short throw projectors with no 3D supports. Way less than 1% of those people that love 3D movies actually care to look for them as we do here. The need for 3D movies aren't a big market, there's no real market for it. As it stands now, as human, more lovers will walk away. Selfishness will drive more and more people away. It's very easy to forget about 3D movies when almost anyone can get a projector displaying 300" screen with superb ultra 4K HDR pictures. Most 3D lovers are now content with a 65" 4K with HDR TV.

    If it wasn't for cheap Quest 2, I wouldn't be into 3D anymore. You can have something no one wants anymore.


    RARBG has stopped adding new 3d videos on their website due to demand.

  6. Elsius
    5 February 2023 02:14

    Good news Admin

    I've  invested a great deal into learning 2D to 3D conversion. I successfully created my first 2D to 3D video. It's breathtakingly awesome.

    I'm gonna convert a movie people wan. If it turns out to be great as my first one, I will send it to you for free with no royalty.

    If people like it, I'll share my knowledge.

  7. Elsius
    6 February 2023 20:46

    I successfully did my first 2D to 3D conversion of The Hunger Games 2012. 3D looks very nice though a little jitter sometime. But quality is great.

    Someone sent me lots of materials to study and producing great depth map. I have a decent PC but time of processing is still huge. Not everyone will want or able to do the conversion if you don't have a powerful PC, patience and time. There are software in development though that will simplify everything and reducing time greatly. My deep connection are getting me to test them before public releases.

    I now even more appreciative and very thankful for every share. 


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