Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Blu Ray 2022

Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Blu Ray 2022

Year: 2022
Country: USA
Producer: Kyle Balda
Duration: 1h 27 min.
Cast: Steve Carell, Pierre Coffin, Alan Arkin, Taraji P. Henson, Michelle Yeoh, Julie Andrews, Russell Brand
Conversion 2D to 3D by: JFC
Language SBS: English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi
IMDB: 6.6
6 753
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Story 3D Movie

The action takes place before the events of the first film, in the 1970s. Twelve-year-old Gru is a fan of the villainous organization Evil Six and tries to become evil enough to join their ranks. When the Evil Six fires their former leader Wilde Knuckles, Gru comes in for an interview to become a new member of the team.

The villains refuse to accept the boy into their ranks and things get complicated when Gru, with the help of Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Otto and other minions, steals the amulet from the "Six" and finds himself in mortal danger because of it. On the run, Gru and the minions find an unexpected ally, Wylde Knuckles himself, and learn that even villains need the support of friends.

Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Blu Ray 2022 originally was not released in 3D but has been converted to 3D specifically for the 3D-HD.CLUB, offering viewers an enhanced visual experience of the thrilling action sequences and special effects in the movie.

3D conversion by JFC

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Trailer Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Blu Ray 2022
Latest comments (18)
  1. Guest
    19 December 2022 14:04

    My TV has 2D to 3D conversion inbuilt. Why you bother doing conversion? Also it does not good.

    1. JFC
      20 December 2022 04:47
      I suggest watching before commenting.
      3D conversion has progressed from a technology standpoint and we convert these using the same methods and techniques studios use.

      If you have a problem with these conversions you must never watch Marvel or DC movies in 3D because they are all conversions too!
      1. Guest Andy
        20 December 2022 11:22
        I think I misunderstood. I thought its just a crappy 2D to 3D conversion. Okay let me download this. I will let you know if I like this! Thanks and sorry, man!
  2. Elsius
    28 December 2022 02:55

    Hi JFC

    Can you convert the other Resident Evil movies that arent in 3D?


    The Matrix Revolutions


  3. Elsius
    3 January 2023 08:27


    Is there a way to know, see, a list of movies you have coming up next?

    That way we won't have to ask for those. Thanks

    1. JFC
      3 January 2023 18:30

      Предлагаю вступить в телеграмм группу 3D-HD, просто пишите туда и спрашивайте, что будет дальше, и я вам скажу, если это не секрет ?

      Ссылка на чат в Telegram:

  4. Elsius
    5 January 2023 00:00

    I can't find it

  5. 3D ADMIN
    5 January 2023 12:14

    Yes join our telegram channel to see current releases of new movies, polls for upcoming conversions and more. 

    Also our 3D CHAT where you can request movies and just discuss 3D

  6. Guest
    7 March 2023 16:54

    Hi 3D Bros. 

    Random space media is releasing real 3D version of minions 2 sing 2 and others. Please add the tealvetsipn onto your site please

    I mean release real versions onto your site 

  7. effe
    25 April 2023 19:14
    I found the conversion absolutely superb!
    1. effe
      25 April 2023 19:20
      Like '3DAddict', I am looking for where I can post a request for a conversion that I would really like to see in my lifetime.
      I went to see on the Telegram channel but I don't know it and I couldn't find where to make such a request. A little help would be appreciated!
      1. 3D SUPPORT
        Сhief Editor
        13 May 2023 15:57
        In the chat under this post you can leave your comment:
  8. Guest
    4 May 2023 23:21
    I think I’m lost. Is there a page for a list of requests?
  9. edgar
    8 May 2023 12:01
    I absolutely love the conversion of JFC.
    But in hope of some pop out scenes... please
    release the official RSM Blu-ray too.
    All the best, Edgar
  10. anonymous
    15 May 2023 17:33
    The iso image of the 3D Blu-ray of "Minions: The Rise of Gru 3D Blu Ray 2022" seems to be out of link.

    I could not download it from

    Please checking.
  11. Guest
    18 May 2023 20:54
    Is the ISO file now taken from the official published 3D Blu-ray?

    It still shows "3D conversion by JFC" in the description...therefore asking, if all files are still converted by JFC or are all of these files, especially the ISO, now replaced by the official released 3D version?
    1. Justin 3D only
      18 May 2023 21:03
      Just found out that the ISO is available as "Real3D" Version! This makes the question beforehand obsolete! relaxed
    2. 3D SUPPORT
      Сhief Editor
      22 May 2023 12:47
      blu ray and fsbs original 3D. See in the title REAL3D.
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