Despicable Me 3D Blu Ray 2010


USA, France
1h 35 min.
Adventure 3D
1920 х 1080p
English, French, Spanish
English, French, Spanish

Story 3D Movie

In the cartoon Despicable Me 3D Blu Ray, Gru, ugly on the outside, but kind on the inside, Gru intends, nevertheless, to consolidate his status as the main arch-villain in the world, for which he decides to steal the moon with the help of the army of minions he created - stupid creatures with habits like "pixar" "WALL-I". The matter is complicated by competitors who put high-tech sticks in the wheels, and family circumstances in the form of three orphans, whom Gru is forced to take care of.

Review 3D Movie

In the impeccably made and only slightly predictable cartoon Despicable Me, the uber villain Gru plans to kidnap the moon, learns the hardships of lonely fatherhood and creates an army of erasers in overalls
The big-nosed villain Gru, whose childhood dreams of astronautics have been transformed over the years into the idea of ​​stealing the Moon, is forced to resort to the help of children to fulfill the great plan and eliminate the young competitor. In some kind of advanced orphanage, he adopts three female orphans - Margot with glasses, Edith in a hat and Agnes, whose destructive degree of affection is comparable only to the cat from Shrek. As it usually happens, children immediately transform the plans of adults.

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