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Godzilla King of the Monsters 3D - In the new part of the monsters Universe from Warner Bros. and Legendary we are waiting for the return of members of the crypto-Zoological organization "Monarch" and the mighty Godzilla, United in the fight against Motra, Rodan and the three-headed king Gidora. Together, these three resurrected representatives of the ancient superspecies yearn to become the dominant life form, leaving the fate of the human race hanging in the balance.

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With past the emergence of Godzilla passed 5 years. Since Then, the monarch Corporation, which studies huge prehistoric monsters, has found more than a hundred such creatures and built a network of institutions and bases to contain them. On one of such works Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) - she is developing system, which will help deter kaiju and communicate with them. On the day the machine first works properly, a squad of ecoterrorists attacks the base and kidnaps Emma and her daughter Maddison (Millie Bobby brown). They want to free all the kaiju, so that they establish a new order on earth and erase human civilization, polluting nature. Now the "Monarch" you need to find the doctor and her machine to prevent a catastrophe, that they cause her husband Mark (Kyle Chandler), and has not recovered from the tragedy five years ago.

Enveloping fear was replaced by idolatrous awe of the king of monsters-the most convincing in this regard seems to Ken Watanabe, as a small child rejoicing every appearance of " godzira — - his unintentionally comic story of reunion with the subject of fanaticism a hundred times more interesting than the Central storyline. This manipulative family tragedy, on anything plainly not influencing and operating well absolutely unicellular levers of pressure: the dead child, discord of parents and other sentimental joys. There is a feeling that Dougherty does not trust his own material, is afraid that the fights of kilometer lizards are so uninteresting in themselves that they absolutely need this simple dramatic superstructure. He doesn't trust Godzilla himself — and kings don't forgive that.


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