Monster Hunter 3D Blu Ray 2020

Monster Hunter 3D Blu Ray 2020

Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Producer: Paul W.S. Anderson
Duration: 1h 43 min.
IMDB: 5.3
2 188
Story 3D Movie
Film adaptation of the popular game Monster Hunter, the first part of which debuted in 2004. In addition to our world, there is another one: the world of dangerous and powerful monsters who control their reality with deadly ferocity.
When Lieutenant Natalie Artemis (Milla Jovovich), along with her loyal soldiers, teleports from our dimension into the universe of monsters, she is faced with a shocking truth. Entering a war with giant and incredibly powerful enemies, Artemis decides to team up with a mysterious man - the Hunter (Tony Jah), who found a way to fight back the monsters in the movies Monster Hunter 3d blu ray.
Review 3D Movie
Ranger Artemis (Milla Jovovich) leads her soldiers on a mission to find a missing squad. They are hit by a mysterious lightning sandstorm and get transported to another world. It's a world of monsters and monster hunters like a nameless local hunter (Tony Jaa).
Apparently, this is based on a video game. I'm not familiar with it. Quite frankly, I'm not familiar with most newer video games but I am familiar with filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich. Expectations are low and this movie barely clears them. Jovovich is fine. She's familiar with this type of action fantasy but I really wish they didn't have a sing along. Compared with other video game inspired movies, this is fine but that's not saying much. I would like for Artemis to start with better chemistry with Tony Jaa's character. It may be better to keep T.I. for a little longer. I don't know if The Admiral is a character from the game but he really shouldn't speak English. At first, I thought that he came from our world. That would have been better or else, he should just not speak English. All in all, I have no need to watch this again. Once is more than enough.
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Trailer Monster Hunter 3D Blu Ray 2020
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