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In the Terminator Genisys 3D Blu Ray movie, stuck in the past, the aged T-800 unit rushes back into battle. Now reunited with John and his father Kyle, they must fight to protect the woman who started it all. In order to save the future, he must be the first to rewrite the past.

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In the not too distant future, after the uprising of machines, a global war and the destruction of most of humanity, people under the command of John Connor (Jason Clarke) manage to destroy the Skynet network that controls the robots. However, a few minutes earlier, the machines manage to send a humanoid robot into the past, which must kill the warlord's mother and prevent his birth. Kyle Reese (Jay Courtney), one of Connor's closest friends and associates, is transported to 1984 to stop the Terminator. But as Kyle travels through time, the past, present and future change. And he discovers that Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) from 1984 is not a timid waitress, but a determined warrior, who is raised from childhood by the terminator T-800 sent to the past (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who became the girl's defender and educator after the death of her parents.
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Side-by-Side 3D: 12.58 GB

Blu-ray 3D: 42.49 GB

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