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Download movies in 3d about history Terminator. Terminator 2 Judgment Day 3D the war of robots and humans continues. It seemed that humanity was doomed to complete destruction. But thanks to his leader, John Connor, the resistance has a chance to win. Not being able to kill John in real time, the robots send their most advanced development into the past - a liquid metal terminator-killer that can take on any appearance.

The events of the fantastic 3d full movie Terminator 2 Judgment Day unfold more than ten years after Sarah Connor met with the terminator who tried to kill her. Then she miraculously managed to survive and give birth to a son, John, who in the future will lead the resistance of people in the fight against machines. Now Sarah is in a mental hospital, and John lives with her adoptive parents. However, in the near future, the Day of Judgment should come and the machines will begin to destroy humanity.

The only person who can prevent cyborgs from winning is John Connor. It was for his destruction that the terminator of the latest model was sent. However, John will take care of his safety in the future, and will also send a good terminator to protect him. Between the two killer cars, the struggle for the teenager takes place on the streets of the city. The fate of all mankind will depend on John, but the young man does not even suspect it.

Review 3D Movie

This superb sequel surpasses the excellent original in every department and quite simply you won't see a better action film. Set 15 years after the original Arnie may return as the good Terminator trying to protect John Connor but he's a redundant piece of scrap metal compared to the T-1000.

The opening hour and the last half hour is absolutely breathtaking with action sequences that still remain unsurpassed. Their's also a wonderful piece of storytelling 3/4 of the way through where Dyson relises the terrifying consequences of the project he's neglecting his family for.

The performances are memorable particularly Linda Hamilton's Sara Connor and simply put, they'll never make a better action film.

10 out of 10


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