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Dean Devlin
1h 49 min.
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Story 3D Movie

Introducing the new vr movies hollywood, which you definitely like. 'Geostream' is the upcoming fantastic film-catastrophe in 3d, which is a full-length directorial debut for Dean Devlin.

When catastrophic climate change threatens the very survival of the Earth, world governments unite and create the 'Dutch Boy' program - a worldwide network of satellites surrounding the planet that are armed with geoengineering technology to prevent a catastrophe. After successfully protecting the planet for two years, the system begins to get out of control. One of the brothers-designers of these same satellites is sent to solve the problem (Gerard Butler). However, the most difficult thing for him in this whole matter is the fact that he is forced to cooperate with his brother, whom he has not spoken to for many years. Meanwhile, there was a high probability of the appearance of a storm of incredible dimensions. At the same time, the brother learns about some kind of conspiracy to assassinate the US president.

Review 3D Movie

I noted a few "rubbish" reviews, they seem to have been watching some other movie. This has a pretty good premise (with actually possible science), and some excellent action and effects. I felt I got my ticket's worth, no question. I would have rated it higher but there is a bit of cheesy voice-over at the end and some slightly clichéd dialogue I wasn't in love with. still, those are minor flaws, and for somebody wanting a good weekend popcorn action movie, you will not be disappointed. plus Butler has a few great lines you will really enjoy.

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