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Story 3D Movie

Spider Man - Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his friends go on a summer vacation to Europe. However, the rest of the buddies are unlikely to succeed-Peter will have to help nick fury (Samuel L. Jackson) solve the mystery of the creatures that cause natural disasters and destruction across the continent.

According to the performer of the role of Mysterio Jake Gyllenhaal, his character will be on the same side with Parker and fury: "the World is in danger-it is threatened by the Elementals. Mysterio understands these creatures and wants to protect humanity from them. So Nick fury turns to Mysterio for help. Soon he joins forces with a friendly neighbor spider-Man, but then, unfortunately, their relationship will take a different turn."

Review 3D Movie

The good-natured neighbor spider-Man is a witty superhero from the new York borough of Queens, a nice (in every sense) fellow. After the events of planetary mesilov in" Avengers: Finale " Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will have to test himself as much as possible. Here he was mourning his late mentor and father figure in Tony stark. Here's avoiding calls from nick fury (Samuel L . Jackson), who wants to recruit Spidey stronger, since the adult defenders of the Earth scattered and fled. Here is realizes, that aunt may (Marisa Tomei) not only preparing him Breakfast, but and lives sexual lives. Here are leaving their homes to travel with the class to Europe. Now contemplating a plan to drive up to M. J. (Zendaya), that it will be difficult and scary. Here is is witnessing, as Venice razdrakonivaet the water elemental (sic!). Here is meets with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) — a superhero from parallel world, which such adult and wise, that could would replace Peter late mentor. There is still a whole trip and a whole summer ahead — there is a lot to learn.

"Far from Home" again directed by John watts, completes the third phase of the Marvel film universe — and tries to do so on a positive note, with jokes and AC/DC gags. On paper, this is a multi-part story about finding yourself: deprived of most of the landmarks, Peter Parker, who finds himself in a series of stressful situations, from the personal front to more or less real, has a lot to think about. Draw the line between "be" and "seem", which in the case of superheroes, the task is quite problematic. Although and here writers Chris McKenna and Eric Sommers act cleverly, and the and brazenly.

"Far from Home" competently brings the viewer out of the emotional peak and even promises that the young punks will deal with the troubles of the elderly. Many decisions give niche teenage fantasy in the spirit of "Percy Jackson", and love has traditionally simplified a number of characters, but "spider-Man" is still one of the most charming solo projects in the film universe. Let the breaking voice and makes many maxims sound no longer childish, but also not adult.


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