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Story 3D Movie

The legendary movie about space wars can now be download in 3d blu-ray. The tape is the eighth episode in the main chronology of the movie, as well as the second part of the third trilogy. This is also the last picture with the participation of American actress Carrie Fisher, who died on December 27, 2016.

The continuation of the legendary saga about the confrontation between light and darkness, good and evil begins after the death of Khan Solo. In the Galaxy, where the First Order and the Resistance fiercely fight each other in war, Rei's heroine (Daisy Ridley) awakens the Force. But what happens when she meets the only surviving Jedi Knight - Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)? Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) moved to the Dark Side of the Force and killed his own father, taking a high position in the First Order. But where will his irrepressible ambitions, bestowed by inheritance by the terrible relative of Darth Vader, lead? The situation will worsen even more when Kaylo's mother, Leia Resistance leader (Carrie Fisher), along with Poe (Oscar Isaac), Finn (John Boyer) and BB-8 will start a new mission.

Review 3D Movie

A disgraceful and tricky attempt to conform a franchise Star Wars The Last Jedi is a failure as a film and as an episode of a saga. All the plot and the subplots set on the previous films, were built for nothing. In fact, this film destroies all the potential storylines in the name of the Disney's morals that are forced to put into in the Last Jedi. The result is a complete mess like a lot of plot holes, pointless characters, useless storylines, a cringy humour and a lazy characterization. So summing up, now we are certain of one thing: this sequel trilogy is garbage with better visual effects. Disney and Lucasfilm have no idea how to continue the Star Wars saga. So for now, I lose any interests in this ruined franchise...

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