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3d movies Star Wars is already classics of films about space! Several generations have grown up on these films, so we decided to recall some films with a small star wars 3d review

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens 3D Full HD 2015

Today we will only cover the new parts and the first will be Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. This new part will tell about new worlds and new adventures. Star Wars Episode VII is a successful imitation of the first Star Wars with new protagonists and the latest special effects technology. After the end of the events of the previous parts, Luke has a sad incident with one of his students and Luke no longer feels entitled to train the Jedi, and he disappears, hiding somewhere in space. Finding him will start a new adventure of Star Wars

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 3D Full HD 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story Events unfold between episodes 3 and 4 of the Star Wars saga. The attacking empires have enslaved almost the entire galaxy, but on the outskirts the pockets of resistance are still warm. The Republic's supporters are led by Senator Mon Mothma, she becomes aware that soon the Imperials will have a new secret weapon of unprecedented power, we are talking about the famous Death Star. To get the information they need, the rebels form a squad of brave souls.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - 3D Full HD 2017

Star Wars The Last Jedi the continuation of the legendary saga about the confrontation between light and darkness, good and evil begins after the death of Khan Solo. In the Galaxy, where the First Order and the Resistance fiercely fight each other in war, Rei's heroine awakens the Force. But what happens when she meets the only surviving Jedi Knight - Luke Skywalker? Kylo Ren moved to the Dark Side of the Force and killed his own father, taking a high position in the First Order. But where will his irrepressible ambitions, bestowed by inheritance by the terrible relative of Darth Vader, lead? 

Solo: A Star Wars Story 3D Full HD 2018

So we went back to the past to look at the young Han Solo, the same one who became a couple for Princess Leia, but performed by a young actor. Solo: A Star Wars Story is a gripping story about adventures in a distant galaxy, legendary heroes and events of the distant past. Here you will see what haunted you for a long time, how Han and Chewbacca met, how Han won the Millennium Falcon and much more ...

Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker 3D Full HD 2019

The last movie in our article, but not the last one in the Star Wars 3d movie. Some time has passed since the events of The Last Jedi: the resistance somehow survives, and the Emperor living unexpectedly, sends his message throughout the universe: he is going to raise the old Imperial fleet, where every ship can destroy the planet. Kylo Ren sees him as a threat to his power, but after finding Palpatine, joins him. Now Ray, trying to learn to fully control her abilities, must find the Emperor's secret hideout, find out the secret of her origin and destroy the Sith forever.

The Star Wars universe has a lot of films and we have presented only a part, but what is your favorite Star Wars 3d movie? Write in the comments
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