Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker 3D Blu Ray 2019

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The completion of the legendary saga Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, which lasted several decades. By sacrificing himself, Luke helped the resistance to escape and defeat this battle. But the main battle is still ahead, and the main characters will have to face an unexpected evil in the old guise. Ray continues to explore the Force within himself, and it is in her hands that the fate of the Galaxy will be.

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Some time has passed since the events of The Last Jedi: The resistance somehow survives, and the Emperor (Ian McDermid), unexpectedly alive, sends his message throughout the universe: he is going to raise the old imperial fleet, where each ship is able to destroy the planet. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) sees in him a threat to his power, but, having found Palpatine, adjoins him. Now Ray (Daisy Ridley), trying to learn how to fully control her abilities, has to find the secret refuge of the Emperor, find out the secret of her origin and permanently destroy the Sith.
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