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The 3d film Dumbo 3D tells how circus impresario Max Medici (Danny DeVito) appoints former circus star Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children, Millie and Joe, as the guardians of a newborn baby elephant, whose incredibly large ears immediately become the subject of constant jokes and ridicule from Holt’s colleagues. Suddenly learning that Dumbo can fly, the circus owner decides to cash in on the elephant’s unusual abilities. An energetic entrepreneur V.A. Wendever (Michael Keaton), who decides to make the baby Dumbo the main star of his new grandiose entertainment enterprise Fairy-Tale Country. Speaking with aerial gymnast Colette Marchand (Eva Green), the public's favorite Dambo conquers new heights - until Holt accidentally discovers that a lot of dark secrets and secrets are hidden under the brilliant facade of "Fairy-Tale Country".

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Former circus star, dashing rider Holt Ferrier (Colin Farrell) returns home from the war to his children. They live together with the Medici Brothers circus troupe - who are actually no brothers, is run by one person here, Max Medici (Denis De Vito). Holt not only returned not completely intact (in the war he lost his hand), he also sold out all the horses that were needed for his number: times, they say, are complicated. Instead of the previous work, Max offers him to look after the elephants: they just bought a new female, and she is about to give birth to offspring. True, it’s not what everyone expected - the ridiculous big-eared elephant is born to the elephant, which later turns out to be flying and will attract the attention of the circus magnate Vandevir (Michael Keaton).

Michael Keaton, an expressive charismatic businessman who throws beautiful slogans about how to follow a dream and never give up, embodies the local evil (Burton witty emphasizes the angles). Besides the fact that he is obviously a selfish greed, Keaton periodically buys other people's circuses (!) And owns a large amusement park (!!) - unless it is named after him, otherwise it would be completely indecent. It’s too handy to take his hero as a satire on Walt Disney - not so much a historical figure, but an embodiment of what his main creation has turned into. Here, even no speculation is necessary: ​​such a flashy parallel is easier to notice than not to notice. But even so, this strange epigram is one hundred times more interesting than the whole film and leads to one of two (equally curious) conclusions. Either Burton understands everything perfectly and, together with the scriptwriters, is engaged in a special form of industrial sabotage, or they did not watch something in the strict leadership of Disney.


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