Abominable 3D Blu Ray 2019

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Story 3D Movie

Once on the streets of a big city, Lu meets a very cute monster. Conscious of the persecution by scientists from a secret laboratory, they are forced to go to Everest. It is there that the real house of Lu’s new friend, who knows how to create real miracles, is located. Therefore, even the most dangerous journey becomes fascinating.

All dragons are tamed, and DreamWorks has set to work on new magical creatures. In collaboration with the Chinese studio Pearl, mastodons of commercial animation released in the fall a touching fairy tale "Abominable 3D" about the friendship of human children with a yeti cub, which has long held the second place at the box office, and now it has released 3D.

Review 3D Movie

Mention of the animated adventure "How to Train Your Dragon" is not accidental here - the acquaintance of a Chinese teenage girl Lu with a snowman begins in the same way as Icking and Toothless. A fairy-tale creature is in trouble, a child - a white crow - lures him with food and heals wounds, mutual curiosity defeats fears and distrust, the audience cries of emotion. The only difference is in the setting: instead of the invented ancient northern island - the roof of a realistic Shanghai high-rise building, where the yeti took refuge.

Greedy people hunt for a snow-white fluffy bruiser, at the disposal of which a whole detachment of special forces. By chance, Lu discovers that her new magical friend with relatives lives on Everest, and in the company of a neighbor boy and his older cousin, fascinated by herself and her fashionable sneakers, a Chinese girl takes a long journey to the highest point on the planet to return the creature home.

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