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Here's our new 3D review, and today we're taking a look at everyone's beloved Disney cartoon series.

Big Hero 6 3D Full HD 2014 1080p

When Tadashi shows the guy the robotics laboratory at his university and introduces his classmates, Hiro decides to go to university too, and he creates microbots for the university exhibition, controlled by the power of thought and able to assemble into the most bizarre designs. His invention causes a sensation, and the boy is admitted to the university without exams. However, at that moment, an explosion occurs, and Tadashi, along with his scientific advisor and Hiro's microbots, is killed in the fire. The grief-stricken guy plunges into depression, and he only comes out of it when he accidentally activates his brother's invention - Baymax's inflatable medical robot, which cannot turn off until the patient returns to normal. Together, Hiro and Baymax are trying to figure out what happened at the university and why Hamada's only microbot is acting as if his brothers are still functioning.

Frozen 2 3D Full HD 2019 1080p

The first part of Frozen a rather modest story about the relationship between two different sisters. Her whole conflict was built on the contrast of the sensible and in every sense cold Elsa sorceress, out of well-intentioned estranged from her relatives, and infantile cheerful Anna, desperate for nursing care after the death of her parents. He decided, however, quickly and conveniently: it turns out that in order to establish contact lost a few years ago and live happily ever after, you just have to find an escaped relative, tell a little truth and defeat the cunning villain. “Frozen 2” is moving away from local family issues and goes into the jungle of timeless questions.

Onward 3D Full HD 2020 1080p

Shy lone elf Ian turns 16 years old — in honor of his almost coming of age, he intends to finally talk to the guys from school, invite them to his home and generally become a confident and brave boy. It turns out, however, so-so — at the last moment, his plans are hindered by his older brother barley, an unemployed loser who is obsessed with a role-playing fantasy Board game. Trying to somehow smooth over the son's failures, the mother gives him and his brother a mysterious package that they got from their deceased father. The package contains a magic staff — their father, a simple office clerk, at the end of his life suddenly fell into esotericism and began to believe in magic, long gone from their world.

Zootopia 3D Full HD 2016 1080p

Once upon a time, animals were divided into predators and herbivores, and some hunted others. However, this primitive era is in the past. Now all the animals have gained a mind, and they have learned to live together without devouring each other. But even in their utopia, crimes happen, and the provincial rabbit Judy Hopps from childhood dreams of becoming a police officer. Although usually only large and powerful animals like tigers, bears and elephants are taken into service, Hopps makes his way through all the trials of the police academy and becomes the first in the history of the metropolis Zeropolis as a hare-cop. When she enters the service, she is assigned to write out parking fines, but this does not stop her. To prove that the hares may not be worse policemen than other animals, Judy undertakes to uncover the case of the kidnapping of 14 predatory animals, which baffled her more experienced colleagues.

Moana 3D Full HD 2016 1080p

In ancient times, the arrogant and mischievous demigod Maui stole the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, the great ancestor of the islands of the Pacific. Since then, a curse has spread around the world that kills all life in water and on land. To hide from the misfortune, the inhabitants of the archipelago settled on a distant island and refused to sail. But when the curse did reach the island, the ocean chose the young daughter of leader Moana to find Maui and return Te Fiti's heart.

There are many cartoons in the Disney universe, and we have only presented a part, but which is your favorite 3D Disney? Write in the comments

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