Pokemon Detective Pikachu 3D Full HD 2019 1080p

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Story 3D Movie

The story Pokemon Detective Pikachu 3D begins with the experienced private investigator Harry Goodman disappearing under mysterious circumstances, and his 21-year-old son Tim (Justice Smith) begins his own investigation of what happened. His former partner Harry Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) comes to the rescue - a funny and charming wisecracker, capable of introducing even himself into a stupor. Finding that they get along great, Tim and Pikachu become partners in this exciting adventure. Following the clues they find on the neon streets of Rime City (the huge modern metropolis where people and Pokemon live together), they encounter a variety of creatures and uncover a shocking conspiracy that could disrupt the peaceful coexistence of the two species and put an end to the entire Pokemon universe in 3D.

Review 3D Movie

Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) is a 21-year-old guy living in a small town where all his few friends and acquaintances left. The last friend, before leaving the dull abode, drags him into the forest under the pretext of a walk “like in childhood”, but in fact, in order to lasso Pokemon Kyubo. He disgusted yells and brandishes a bone, but Tim still agrees to a stupid adventure, throws a pokeball and catches a little animal. Kyubo is not at all disposed to friendship, and the very next minute he crawls out of the ball with the intention of crippling the one who burst into his roulades.

All the animals are “made” perfectly, each has his own crowned exit, and the episode with the interrogation of Mr. Maim is genius in general: there is tension, plastic, and excellent visual humor. Pikachu drags the whole film on his tail, because poor Justice Smith was forgotten to write something other than confusion and intuitive heroism, but people are not the main thing. The main thing is funny and touching Pokémon that crowd push this clumsy, clumsy plot, entertain us with candy jokes and make us remember the times when the main tragedy in life was not to be in time for the desired series home. Watching this film is how to accidentally open a box where colored candy wrappers, soda lids, inserts, smooth pebbles and other greetings from childhood are stored. There is no need for this, but it’s nice, right?


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