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Animation, adventure, detective film 'Coco' is intended for viewing by the whole family. On our site you can download vr movies 3d in hd quality and enjoy viewing.

Despite the long-standing family taboo, established by the ancestors, twelve-year-old boy Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) all his life dreams of becoming a musician. Just like his idol and idol, an experienced singer named Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). In desperation, but not broken by the family tradition that he hated, Miguel finds himself embroiled in a chain of mysterious events. In the process of what is happening on the way, he comes across a charming cheat named Hector (Gael Garcia Bernal), together they go on an exciting journey to unravel all the secrets related to the family history of Miguel.

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Why I believe it deserves a 10. Pixar has come a long way. To them their creations have become a science into human emotion and I don't know any better company that has nearly perfected the craft. Soon they'll have 10's across the board from music to picture and from story to the characters. Never have I seen that more than in the movie WALL-E. This movie is up there. More than just its basic elements it dared to dive into a culture that very few in the world know about. It went above and beyond in research in getting those in Mexicos stamp of approval. It touches a deeper recess of the heart where the soul lies dormant and awakens it with hope and optimism. It takes the differences we often critique and judge upon another group only for Pixar to place a mirror right in front of us and stare at our own reflection. It takes the common elements so as to identify with the characters and stir a feeling of commonality. It's brilliant and ingenious. These things alone give it an 8. The 10 is because it was bold and dared to go places other won't. In this I found originality. Something you don't see often these days. Best part of all it unified. It takes ones thick skull (pun intended) and supplies human emotion as the medium to communicate the message so as to reach the heart. One may call that manipulation but due to its sincere true message and goodness I humbly give it a 10.

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