Zootopia 3D Blu Ray 2016

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Download 3d movie Zootopia you can on our website right now! Zootopia 3D Blu Ray - a modern city inhabited by a variety of animals, from huge elephants to tiny mice. Zootopia is divided into areas completely repeating the natural habitat of different inhabitants - there is both an elite area of the Sahara Square and an inhospitable Tundraun. In this city, there is a new police officer, a cheerful hare Judy Hopps, who from the first days of work understands how difficult it is to be small and fluffy among large and strong policemen. Judy grabs the first opportunity to prove herself, despite the fact that her partner will be a talkative sly fox Nick Wilde. Together they will have to solve a complex matter, on which the fate of all the inhabitants of Zootopia 3D Blu Ray will depend.

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Once upon a time, animals were divided into predators and herbivores, and some hunted others. However, this primitive era is in the past. Now all the animals have gained a mind, and they have learned to live together without devouring each other. But even in their utopia, crimes happen, and the provincial rabbit Judy Hopps from childhood dreams of becoming a police officer. Although usually only large and powerful animals like tigers, bears and elephants are taken into service, Hopps makes his way through all the trials of the police academy and becomes the first in the history of the metropolis Zeropolis as a hare-cop. When she enters the service, she is assigned to write out parking fines, but this does not stop her. To prove that the hares may not be worse policemen than other animals, Judy undertakes to uncover the case of the kidnapping of 14 predatory animals, which baffled her more experienced colleagues.
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