Avatar 3D Blu Ray 2009

Avatar 3D Blu Ray 2009

Year: 2009
Country: United States
Producer: James Cameron
Duration: 2h 42 min.
Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver
Language SBS: English, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Hindi
IMDB: 7,8
236 687

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Story 3D Movie

Avatar 3D is set on the distant moon of Pandora, where humans have established a mining operation to extract a valuable mineral. To interact with the moon's indigenous population, the Na'vi, human operators use genetically engineered avatars that resemble the Na'vi.

A paraplegic former Marine is tasked with operating one of these avatars. However, as he immerses himself in the Na'vi culture, he begins to sympathize with their way of life and falls in love with one of their members. The conflict intensifies as humans pursue the valuable mineral, endangering the Na'vi and their sacred land.

The film explores themes of environmentalism, cultural clash, and the consequences of human greed as the protagonist must choose between loyalty to his own kind and protecting the Na'vi and their way of life. Avatar 3D is renowned for its groundbreaking visuals and immersive storytelling.

Review 3D Movie

The idea of the film came up with James Cameron in the mid-90s. In 1995, he wrote an 80-page script, but the means to realize what was born in his imagination, then did not exist. The source of inspiration for Cameron was the 'books of science fiction he read as a child,' in particular the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs ('John Carter is a Martian') and Paul Anderson's 'Call Me Joe.'

In 2006, the script was rewritten: with a linguist and director of the Communication Management Center at the University of Southern California, Paul Frommer, Cameron developed an entire language and culture for Na'vi, the indigenous race of Pandora. In the film Avatar 3D, Cameron used his own technology of 3D-shooting 'Reality Camera System' with two high-resolution cameras. Also used technology motion capture - capture with special motion sensors of actors and their subsequent digital processing. At the same time, the efficiency of the capture stage was six times greater than that used before, which allowed detecting the facial expressions of the actors. A technology was also developed that made it possible to see virtual characters along with live actors on the monitors during filming.

Non-virtual décor includes: A communication room, where sarcophagus resemblance is established, by which human consciousness is transferred to the avatar body, the Biolaboratory, the Control Center and the Armor Bay military bastion, where mobility suits and helicopters are stored.

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Trailer Avatar 3D Blu Ray 2009
Latest comments (11)
  1. Guest
    9 May 2019 11:12
    i want avatar blueray movie

  2. Member
    1 December 2020 23:00
    Muy buena pelicula
  3. Guest
    6 May 2021 16:42
     i want 3d movies
  4. Guest
    14 May 2021 16:31
    i had premium for 30days 4 day downloaded movies after did not  download movies
  5. Guest
    5 February 2022 01:54
    I have premium and it works fantastic, make sure to read the FAQ about increasing traffic after you sing-up.
    I've only had it 4 days but already have about 20 or more full SBS MKV's. Cheers!
  6. michael
    28 May 2023 08:54
    is it hfr? (48/60 fps)
  7. Guest
    18 June 2023 23:32
    Hi, is this the theatrical cut? I have a modded half sbs version i downloaded previously, where someone inserted the extended sequences. It was a massive file size but the extended scenes where flat screen and not 3D. Would be an awesome feature to convert these extended scenes to 3D to complete the movie. Food for thought
  8. Guest
    28 June 2023 17:08
    This is original Blu-ray 3D or Remux? Because I see PL subtitles and I can't see such an official release anywhere on Blu-ray.com
  9. Guest
    3 August 2023 20:46
    is this the remastered version?

    "Avatar (2009) 3D-HSBS-1080p-DTS 5.1-Remastered & nickarad"
  10. Ryan
    6 August 2023 08:51
    Full SBS does not have a subtitle file, or burned in, for the Na'vi language lines. Kinda ruins the rip, to be honest. There are a lot of lines in that language.
  11. haripazha
    23 September 2023 00:37
    Some of the scene are 2D and not 3D. Why is that?
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