Sanctum 3D Blu Ray 2011


USA, Australia
Alistair Grierson
1h 49 min.
Thriller 3D
1920 х 1080p
English, Polish
English, Polish

Story 3D Movie

The Sanctum 3D Blu Ray film uses the same filming technique as Avatar. A group of deep sea divers face life-threatening situations in uncharted ocean depths.

Review 3D Movie

The beginning of the film is rather calm, a usual expedition, during which a group of cavers are trying to find an outlet to the sea from the largest network of caves in the world. Many kilometers underground have already been passed and nothing portends trouble, as a tropical storm suddenly begins two days earlier, as a result of which the exit from the cave is blocked, and water begins to arrive at the underground location of the group of researchers. With such a combination of circumstances, the team of brave divers-speleologists has no choice but to swim deeper into the underwater caves, where their last salvation should be - an underground outlet to the sea. Hundreds of tons of water, lack of oxygen and endless caves can drive anyone crazy, but not the organizer of the entire expedition, played by Richard Roxburgh. His character must always be strong and be able to make only the right decisions, no matter how difficult and inhuman they may seem, because the lives of everyone who find themselves in a cave in this difficult situation depends on him, including Reese Wakefield, in the role of his son. At the very beginning of the film, Reese plays a boy who has only entertainment on his mind, but throughout the film he will grow spiritually and morally and by the end will turn into a real man who can pass this difficult test. The third key character among those trapped is expedition sponsor Karl, played by Ioan Griffith. Who of the small group of survivors, cut off from the rest of the world and practically doomed to failure, will not get cold feet, show all his will to live, keep a person in himself and get to the sea alive?
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