Kong: Skull Island 3D Blu Ray 2017

Kong: Skull Island 3D Blu Ray 2017

Year: 2017
Country: USA Movies
Producer: Jordan Vot Roberts
Duration: 1h 58 min.
Genre: Action 3D
Format 3D: Blu Ray 3D, SBS 3D
Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, John C. Riley
IMDB: 6.7
12 170
Story 3D Movie
3d full movie Kong: Skull Island you must see for sure. The long-awaited movie Kong: Skull Island about a huge gorilla. The work of the American director Jordan Vogt-Roberts again returns the viewer to the legendary “Skull Island”, but without the blonde, which must be dragged onto a skyscraper. Development of the picture began in 2014 with the choice of director. Peter Jackson, who shot King Kong and did not initially plan to work on the film, proposed the candidacy of Guillermo Del Toro, whose candidacy was not approved.

The movie Kong: Skull Island 3D takes the viewer into the 70s of the last century. The main character organizes an expedition to Skull Island, forever covered with fog, which was once caught King Kong. There he wants to find the missing brother and some mysterious substance. During difficult searches, travelers encounter the king of the island, a giant gorilla, who clearly did not like the barbaric intervention of foreigners. Trying to save their lives, the members of the expedition reveal the island’s old secret and finally realize that the king’s role is to protect the island from huge prehistoric creatures. Watch vr movies hollywood in our site.
Review 3D Movie
Nowadays in Hollywood every self-respecting studio must have its own film epic, consisting of plot-related blockbusters. 'Avengers' and 'Star Wars' at the studio Walt Disney, 'Justice League' at the studio Warner, 'Monsters Universal' at the studio Universal ...

Legendary Studio is also participating in the contest, and its phantasmagoric heroes are more than all the characters in the competition combined. In 2014, Legendary began its epic “Godzilla”, and now the company has released a new film about King Kong, where experts from the Monarch project, the one who studied Godzilla in the Gareth Edwards film, are landing on Skull Island. In the future, the studio promises to push supermonstro and throw in a few more monster monsters.

“Kong: Skull Island” is the eighth monster film that was first introduced to the public in the classic 1933 film. Unlike the movie (and its remake performed by Peter Jackson), which sent a tropical monster to smash New York, the main action of the “Island of the Skull” takes place in a natural environment for King Kong, against the backdrop of strikingly beautiful landscapes.

If “King Kong” by Peter Jackson emphasizes the humanity of the super-Gorilla and contains frankly sentimental scenes, then “Kong” brings to the fore the power and rage of the title character. The film knows exactly what the fans of pictures of monsters are waiting for, and in all its glory it demonstrates how a giant monster scatters military helicopters like children's toys, fights off ground attacks using machine guns and flamethrowers and fights monsters of its size and with a whole brood). Powerful sound perfectly complements the powerful image. Try to see the picture in the best cinema! Those who prefer the tender Cong to the enraged Cong will be disappointed by this approach, but it is better to look for soulfulness in films of other genres and styles.

True, there is no time to admire tropics for heroes and spectators, since characters from all sides are in danger. We will not list all the 'beyond' creatures that heroes encounter in order not to spoil your surprise, but we say that there are many giants on the island, and some of them are not inferior in size and strength to Kong.
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Trailer Kong: Skull Island 3D Blu Ray 2017
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