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Prometheus 3D Blu Ray is a new myth created by director Ridley Scott. It is based on the story of a team of researchers who, in search of a clue to the mystery of the origin of mankind, set off on an exciting journey to the darkest corners of the universe aboard the Prometheus spacecraft. They face a terrible battle to save the future of the human race

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Having got rid of the technical fetters and getting rid of the old intimacy, Prometheus 3D does not exactly start to new heights - no, it rather transfers the old theme to the loud, chaotic and spectacular genre of the summer blockbuster, where the plot must follow a number of mandatory laws, and therefore the script does not dispenses with flaws

2093 year. An earth research ship enters the orbit of a distant, distant planet. On board, a curious android with a styling like that of Lawrence of Arabia brings members of a motley crew out of suspended animation. Among them: a nasty corporate overseer (Charlize Theron); the captain is a nice fellow in a relaxed state (Idris Elba); friendly biologist; an introverted geologist, and most importantly, a couple of archaeologists who are the direct culprits of the whole event. A few years earlier, they found in a Scottish cave another evidence that, thousands of years before our time, mankind worshiped some alien giants. In addition to their patrons, the ancients also depicted a map of the starry sky in drawings. It was for her that scientists managed to establish the location of the planet from which the celestial giants came to earth. And it is to her - on a date to the alleged forefathers - that their expedition is now headed.

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