Animation 3d movies / Comedy 3d movies
Young blacksmith Thor lives with his mother in a peaceful village. He never knew his father, but the locals firmly believe that the young man is the son of the king of the gods Odin.
IMDB: 5.0
SIZE: 27.29 GB
Animation 3d movies / Comedy 3d movies
One day, little Smurfette thought about the fact that each of her tiny Smurf brothers has their own role and occupation in the village. What is the purpose of the only girl?
IMDB: 6.0
SIZE: 34.67 GB
Animation 3d movies
The cartoon The Prodigies tells about the fate of five New York teenagers with superpowers in the not very successful period of transition age. Attacks from others make them seriously embittered and
IMDB: 5.9
SIZE: 38.58 GB
Comedy 3d movies / 3D Archive
In the movie Charade 3d blu ray the husband, whom the heroine (Hepburn) married by calculation, was killed and thrown off the train, and when she returned home to her Paris apartment, she found that
IMDB: 7.9
SIZE: 23.14 GB
Animation 3d movies / Comedy 3d movies
In the cartoon The Smurfs 2 3d blu ray this time, the evil wizard Gargamel kidnapped Smurfette and began to "clone" his own anti-Smurfs under the name "Bad Guys". Small, but brave Smurfs will have to
IMDB: 5.3
SIZE: 37.41 GB
Horrors 3d movies
When mentally unstable Steve takes on a credit collection job to pay the bills for his alcoholic mother, he lights the fuse on a powder-keg of inner turmoil and rage, culminating in a bloodthirsty
IMDB: 5.6
SIZE: 22.04 GB
Adventure 3d movies / Action 3d movies
In the movie Point Break 3d blu ray, Johnny is a young FBI agent who specializes in undercover work. He often got out of the most difficult situations, always finishing his work to the end. His next
IMDB: 5.4
SIZE: 43.32 GB
Animation 3d movies / Comedy 3d movies
In the cartoon Frozen 3d blu ray, when an ancient prediction comes true and the kingdom is plunged into the embrace of eternal winter, three fearless heroes-Princess Anna, brave Kristoff and his
IMDB: 7.4
SIZE: 33.95 GB
Drama 3d movies / Fantasy 3d movies
In the movie Attraction 3d blu ray on a very ordinary day, when millions of residents of the capital are rushing to work, an unidentified flying object appeared over Moscow. After the UFO was shot
IMDB: 5.6
SIZE: 39.08 GB
Adventure 3d movies / Action 3d movies / Drama 3d movies
In the movie Flight Crew 3d blu ray, a young and talented pilot, Alexey Gushchin (Kozlovsky), because of his unyielding nature, could not hold on to either military or cargo aviation. The superiors
IMDB: 6.7
SIZE: 34.30 GB
Action 3d movies / Thriller 3d movies
Moscow. The distant future. The psychological Mafia Survival Game 3d blu ray has become the most popular TV show in the world. Eleven people will gather at the table to find out who is a civilian and
IMDB: 4.2
SIZE: 5.72 GB
Adventure 3d movies / Action 3d movies / Drama 3d movies
In the movie Battle Royale 3d blu ray, on a desert island, 42 teenagers will spend 3 days ruthlessly destroying each other to win. Only one player is allowed to return to the mainland alive.
IMDB: 7.6
SIZE: 32.52 GB