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Alita Battle Angel 3D movie this is an eranization of a classic Japanese manga about a cyborg girl who fights evil monsters. The plot will unfold in the XXVI century, 300 years after the Great War. The focus is on the story of Gali, also known as Alita (Rosa Salazar), whose remains are found in a dump Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz) - a surgeon repairing cyborgs. An ido who rescues Gali, but it soon becomes clear that she has lost her memories, although she is still able to use cyborg combat techniques.

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Delving into a local landfill, cybernetics doctor Ido (Christoph Waltz) finds the top of a cyborg girl (Rosa Salazar, hopefully her breakthrough role) with big eyes and, as it later turns out, her same big heart - and quite literally. The doctor repairs the girl and brings her back to life: now she has to learn the bitterness and joys of the post-apocalyptic world, meet love and meet the deadly threat. Serious people from the last heavenly city want to get Alita - or rather, the long-lost technology that underlies her cybernetic organism.

The film is very easy and convenient to characterize through its title character. Alita, in general, is also not very worried about meanings, she is a completely elemental character: to act, she does not need any scenario conventions there. This is all around their personal dramas: the good doctor Ido and his wife were scattered on the opposite sides of the barricades by the death of their daughter, the guy Hugo is tormented by his conscience because of a not too honest way of earning, even villains, small and big, have their own petty fears and injuries. But Alita is not afraid of anything: she breaks and shreds, because she cannot do otherwise, violence in her DNA - what the film says very literally. By the way, the film has everything in order with him (by violence) - Rodriguez, even the sparing PG-13 rating, doesn’t interfere with cutting heads, cutting people in half and showing a close-up of a pool of blood. And not only the blue cybernetic one - it goes to ordinary people, and, horror, even to one small cute dog whose blood Alita’s face will smear before finally embarking on the path of destruction.
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