How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World 3D Full HD 2019 1080p

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Story 3D Movie

The protagonist of the 3d cartoon How to Train Your Dragon - Icking (Jay Baruchel), born in the era of dragons - changed the life of the Vikings forever. Now the Vikings and dragons live together in harmony with each other. One day, Hiccuping together with his dragon Bezzubik met Day Fury, which opens for them the secret world of dragons. This discovery changes the life of Icking and jeopardizes all Vikings. Vikings have to leave their settlement and fight back to the ruthless dragon hunter.

Review 3D Movie

Viking leader Hiccup, Toothless and about a billion more dragons live peacefully on the island of Olukh: true, the population per square meter becomes too much. Yes, and Icking with friends regularly save a bunch of dragons from human slavery - and there is no place to settle them anyway. Few of their demographic problems, the angry dragon slave owners also hire the greatest dragon hunter in the world, who also terribly hates the night furies and once destroyed them all (Bezzubik alone remained). Seeing this as an opportunity to finish a long-standing business, he agrees to work and begins to lure Bezzubik to a white female - Hiccup at this time is building an ambitious plan: he wants to transport all the Olukh with Vikings and dragons to a semi-mythical country of dragons, which is somewhere in the world.


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