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Yimou Zhang
1h 43 min.
Fantasy 3D

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VR movie The Great Wall this is a fantastic version of the creation of the most ambitious defensive structure on Earth has been embodied in a joint project of cinematographers of the United States and China. The director was the chief specialist of Asia on historical epic stories - Zhang Yimou. The Great Wall has become the largest and most expensive project in the history of Chinese cinema, guaranteeing stunning imagination scenes and special effects.

In the 15th century, a military expedition was sent from Europe to China, whose purpose is gunpowder. Arriving at the Celestial Empire, the soldiers find the hasty construction of a colossal structure. The emperor decided to build the Great Wall, which will serve to protect the Chinese people from numerous enemies, eager to seize the territory and subjugate China. But as it turned out, the reason for the sudden raids was much deeper than the Chinese emperor could have imagined. Behind the wall, an unprecedented evil gradually began to awaken, which for many years accumulated strength in the hope of inflicting a fatal blow on the empire. And now the wall, built by the Chinese, has become the last frontier separating the powerful mystical creatures from the Middle Kingdom.

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At the beginning of the XI century, the European mercenary William (Matt Damon) and his few companions traveled to China to find out the secret of gunpowder. When Chinese troops are arresting newcomers from the West, William falls on the Great Wall of China and learns that it was not built to protect against desert nomads. Foreigners say that the Chinese army for many centuries, repels the attacks of hordes of lizard-like alien monsters that attack every 60 years. If the monsters break through the fortifications of the wall, then the whole world will be under threat. The defense of China is carefully planned and rehearsed, but the monsters each time act harder and more cunning, and the soldiers need the help of everyone who can hold a weapon. Other Europeans want to take advantage of the mess and escape with gunpowder, but William is filled with the mission of the Chinese soldiers. For the first time in his life, he fights not for the sake of food and money, but for the salvation of mankind.

6 out of 10


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