Wonder Woman 1984 3D Blu Ray 2020

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The film Wonder Woman 1984 3D is set in the 80s. Princess Diana of the Amazons once again faces new challenges, which will be overcome by her suddenly resurrected lover Steve Trevor.

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Almost 70 years after the events of the first Wonder Woman 3D, Diana is still grieving for the lost beloved, pilot Steve Trevor. In 1984, she continues to fight small and large criminals, and during the day works in a research center. There, Diana meets Barbara Minerva, an introverted scientist who is given a strange stone by the FBI for analysis. It looks like cheap citrine, if not for one "but": a mysterious inscription in Latin, promising the fulfillment of one wish to everyone who touches it. Not really believing this, Diana and Barbara still make a wish-and they are unexpectedly fulfilled. Barbara becomes "just like Diana", meaning she gains superpowers, and Steve returns to Wonder Woman.

The same stone is being sought by Maxwell Lord – a charismatic but unsuccessful businessman who is struggling to keep an oil production company afloat. Having reached the citrine, he makes a wish to become a stone himself and begins a world tour to fulfill the wishes of the powerful. However, for every wish, he takes something in return and soon becomes the most powerful person in the world, simultaneously (and unconsciously) plunging this very world into utter chaos.
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