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Now you can download free vr movie the third science fiction film in the trilogy and the second, directed by Matt Reeves. So, the success of the previous part was determined by Reeves as the leader of the franchise. It is to be hoped that the third part will be equally exciting and spiritual relations between people and monkeys will not bypass, which was well shown in the previous part.

Caesar, a prudent primate, returns to the big screens. Having led an army of such intelligent beings, he challenges people and is preparing to enter into confrontation with an entire army, led by a ruthless Colonel. After the monkeys suffered huge losses, the responsibility for which, of course, lies on their leader, Caesar is forced to fight with his primitive dark instincts and the desire to revenge. This time the story will bring Caesar and the Colonel face-to-face, making this meeting the defining one for the future of both species and the future of the entire planet. Depending on who wins, it will be clear whether this land will become a planet of people or a planet of monkeys.

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There is something deeply wrong with so many IMDb user 

I am astonished, truly, that a hollow movie like spider-man; homecoming that is instantly forgettable and fixated on lame themes of stupid first-world teenage angst scored better user reviews than this masterpiece. it really says a lot about the mindlessness of modern cinema audiences, especially when the main argument is that ' there isn't enough war'. that said, user reviews are moronic. Planet of the apes is a triumph, really touching and thought, provoking on so many levels. i saw it days ago and the emotion of the film is still very fresh in my mind. in fact the more it occurs to me, the richer the movie becomes. if this is not nominated in the best film Oscars category, then the Academy is as daft as so many IMDb users.

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