The Walk 3D Full HD 2015 1080p

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USA movies
Robert Zemeckis
2h 3 min.
Action 3D
1920 х 1080p
English, French, Spanish, Thai

Story 3D Movie

The film The Walk 3D, we have already visited the moon 12 times. And only one person in the world managed to walk over the abyss along a steel rope stretched between the twin towers in New York - aerial acrobat Philip Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who could not have realized this daring and insane plan without help and the support of friends and his mentor Daddy Rudy (Ben Kingsley). Thanks to the skill of director Robert Zemeckis, author of such masterpieces as Forrest Gump, Outcast, Back to the Future and Polar Express, as well as innovative technologies and the IMAX® 3D format, viewers will literally plunge into the atmosphere of the city of skyscrapers and together with the main character will walk a tightrope at a dizzying height.

Review 3D Movie

Young tightrope walker and juggler Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) makes a living performing on the streets of Paris. Once he sees an article in a magazine about the construction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and he has a cherished dream - to pull a cable between the towers and "walk" along it at a height of 110 floors. While builders are building skyscrapers, Philip hones his skills, consults with expert tightrope walker Rudy Omankowski (Ben Kingsley) and gathers accomplices ready to help with his deadly and completely illegal stunt. From his past experience of illegal performances, the guy knows that he will be arrested as soon as he gets off the rope, and this does not scare him. But he has to figure out how to sneak the cable to the towers and secure it without attracting the attention of the guards and police.
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