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For you, we have prepared a superhero release from Marvel, so download vr film and see. The epic film comic from director Zack Snyder will finally bring together the central superheroes of the extended DC universe only now and in 3D

After the battle with Superman, Bruce Wayne will regain faith in humanity. Inspired by the selfless action of the newcomer from Krypton, Wayne enlists the support of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to come face to face with an even more powerful enemy. Batman and Wonder Woman should find and assemble as soon as possible a team of people with superpowers to confront the newly awakened threat. It would seem that now, when the most powerful and gifted people of the planet have teamed up in an unprecedented group - the superhero league, humanity can sleep peacefully, but this, unfortunately, is not so. Consisting of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquamen, Cyborg and Flash, the team of new guardians goes in search of a supervillain to save the planet from an attack of catastrophic proportions.

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I'm Satisfied As A Marvel Fanboy. Utterly Amazing 

I'm a die hard marvel fanboy. But honestly nowadays marvel just way out of their tracks turning their action movies into some low-budget-cringy-parody movies. It's not cool, man. Especially when they ruined Thor's characters. It makes me upset.

But for this Justice League, I was amazed! The jokes are on point, they played the characters so well and natural, and so realistic for today's society! And the punch-up-lines of the jokes was on point, so cool, without ruining any characters just like the Comic Books! But idk why the Batman feels so dark this time...

Yeah, I'm the sad marvel fans especially for the Ragnarok movies. Although the Justice League movies plot was simplified and played in a safe way plot, it really made me fulfilled for craving such a cool-pack superhero movies! Well done DC!

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Name: Hsui lung

I need to watch this movie. I will be thankful

I need to watch this movie right now

Name: YUN

I don't know whats wrong with this website but 3~5days for 1 movie download is crazy.
I even sign-in for premium. I don't get the reason why I even signed up for. 
2days passed tried for many times couldn't download single movie.

you guys really need to fix the server if not this slow downloading speed makes no sense.

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what they say is not true.
leaving in korea where internet speed is top in the world
this internet I traveled all around the world this is even slower than 
free hotel wifi
1.5mb per sec droping to 65kb in 4-5 minute
keep changing up and down
very unstable server

free download 5-7days
premium 5-6days
not worth single penny

I will posting till I get at least 3mb per sec

lets see who win