Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest 3D Blu Ray 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest 3D Blu Ray 2006

Year: 2006
Country: USA
Producer: Gore Verbinski
Duration: 2h 31 min.
Cast: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Jonathan Pryce, Bill Nighy,
IMDB: 7.3
Story 3D Movie

Once again embroiled in some kind of supernatural story, Captain Jack Sparrow discovers that he must give his life to the legendary Davey Jones, the captain of the ghostly "Flying Dutchman". Jack has very little time to find a way out of this situation, otherwise he will be cursed and doomed to serve his master forever. In addition, Jack Sparrow, with his difficulties, managed to upset the wedding of Will and Elizabeth, who eventually have to join Jack and go to meet new adventures.

3D conversion by JFC

Review 3D Movie

It seemed that this film "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest" 3d blu ray is more complicated, multidimensional than the first one. Although the first one, of course, wins only by the fact that everything was new there – we got acquainted with the characters, events, and the atmosphere in general. But in the second film, intrigues, politics, mysticism appeared – either new layers, or old ones overgrown with big "meat", which is why it turned out to be more complicated, or something.  Jack Sparrow is a pirate who, apparently, obstacles will never leave – he has played a lot of tricks in the past, obviously. Here, too, having barely got even with Barbossa, he meets with a sea monster, to whom he owes his captaincy.

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Full OU 3D 1920x2160p: 19.17 GB

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Trailer Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest 3D Blu Ray 2006
Latest comments (10)
  1. JFC
    17 January 2023 16:01

    For people that have complained about conversions before, TRY this one. It is a huge leap in conversion quality and should fix most of the issues people had before.

    If you like these higher quality conversions, remember to comment! You all wanted me to show the improvements I was talking about, this is it.

    1. Guest 3Daddict
      18 January 2023 08:43
      Okay JFC! let me try this one, Will share my opinion about this once I finish watching it thoroughly.
      1. JFC
        18 January 2023 11:47
        Keep in mind, this is only the first attempt with the different technique. Still will be some bugs that can be fixed with time, I am just proving that me + more resources = most problems are solvable!
        Me + current resources = there are limits to how many of my ideas I can use.

        I am constantly developing and adjusting the method, it’s very intensive on resources. I have not even hit 60% of my capability, there are PAGES of ideas I have that can change not only 3D but the entire experience of watching the films people love.
        1. Guest 3Daddict
          18 January 2023 19:49
          Good Job!!!!!

          I liked this conversion, yes there is still scope for improvements here and there but its better than your previous attempts and I'm sure you will improve your techniques and will be able to develop even more great and great conversions. Kudos to you!

          I have seen some really worse 3D presentation such as blade runner 2049 and your presentation is really good when it comes to pop and depth but have been critical to you because I knew you can still create better conversions if you spend more time on a movie.

          """I have not even hit 60% of my capability, there are PAGES of ideas I have that can change not only 3D but the entire experience of watching the films people love."""

          This statement of yours is really promising. God bless you and just keep improving the 3D techniques.
    2. Guest 3Daddict
      18 January 2023 10:12
      BTW thank you so much for Full-OU. Really Awesome you are! :)
  2. 17 January 2023 18:04

    Thanks for  these conversions, they are top notch. I think this one is the best conversion. Everybody must try it

  3. 18 January 2023 11:32

    Can I found these links on any of the torrents site?

  4. Elsius
    19 January 2023 02:39

    Thank you very much mate

  5. Corey
    22 January 2023 00:26

    Very good for a conversion, however when I was sharing this with my friends they thought the Half SBS looked better and was less disorienting to watch, not sure why.

    Some of them felt the 3D looked inverted while others thought it was fine, I noticed more artifacting in the OU version compared to the SBS as well, but since the OU has a higher bitrate it is ultimately less pixelated than the SBS  

    1. Kalpesh Chavan
      22 January 2023 12:12
      Yes, OU is always better than SBS. At least you understood. Few users and Admin JFC wont get this much simple.
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