Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of The Black Pearl 3D Blu Ray 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of The Black Pearl 3D Blu Ray 2003

Year: 2003
Country: USA
Producer: Gore Verbinski
Duration: 2h 23 min.
Cast: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Jonathan Pryce
IMDB: 8.1
1 216
Story 3D Movie

Captain Jack Sparrow, a charming scoundrel, plows the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, which serves him as an extensive playground for adventure and mystery games. But the idyll instantly goes to the bottom when his worst enemy, the treacherous Captain Barbossa, steals the "Black Pearl" 3d blu ray, Jack's ship. But the villain does not stop there either: he attacks Port Royal and kidnaps the governor's daughter, the charming Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth's childhood friend, Will Turner, teams up with Jack, and together they take away the fastest ship of the British fleet, the Interceptor, in a desperate attempt to catch up with the Black Pearl and free the girl.

In pursuit of Jack and Will on the battleship Smashing, the ambitious Commander Norrington, whose engagement to Elizabeth was suddenly under threat, is sent. Friends do not know about this, just as they do not know about the terrible secret: the curse imposed on Barbossa and his team turned them into the living dead, showing their monstrous essence only under the rays of moonlight. Only after once the looted treasure is returned back to the last coin, the curse will be lifted.

3D conversion by JFC

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Half SBS 3D 1920x1080p: 10.92 GB

Full OU 3D 1920x2160p: 17.23 GB

Blu-ray 3D: 24.85 GB

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Trailer Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of The Black Pearl 3D Blu Ray 2003
Latest comments (28)
  1. 16 January 2023 17:33

    Very good conversion, it is like a native 3d. Good job!!

  2. Elsius
    17 January 2023 02:16

    3DAddict reporting for duty.

    Thank you very much guys

    1. JFC
      17 January 2023 09:14
      Make sure you check out the next two films in this franchise. You wanted to see what i can do with more computing power, I had someone with a more powerful PC help with processing it, to show that i can do a LOT more things with more powerful hardware. My methods and techniques are limited by resources. The next two films will showcase that.
  3. Elsius
    17 January 2023 22:48

    Thank you very much. You're the best.

    Would you focus more on F-SBS? I understand now what another member was saying.

    There 's only one person here asking for F-OU.

    99.9% of people around the world use 3D VR. It brings back the option of watching 3D movies again

    as if we were in a movie theater. With Full SBS 3D 3840x1080p resolution, each eye gets to view full 1080p.

    This showcase your talent even more. The one person asking for F-OU stands alone. 

    I'm so glad now I can watch my favorite movies in 3D and I thank you very much

    on behalf of everyone here.

    1. Guest 3Daddict
      18 January 2023 20:07
      HELL NOOO!!!

      So many 3D TV(LG Passive) users want this Full-OU format.

      I'm sure all the VR sets support both HOU/FOU and HSBS/FSBS format so you still get full-HD 1080p.

      Admin @JFC, I still demand you to kindly do focus on Full-OU on behalf of all passive 3D set users.
      1. Kalpesh Chavan
        19 January 2023 08:10
        Agree! we want Full-OU too!!!!!!
  4. Elsius
    18 January 2023 08:46

    Is there a way you can also include Full SBS 3D 3840x1080p like the admin is doing?

    Thank you once again

  5. 3D ADMIN
    18 January 2023 23:25

    We recently conducted a survey in our Telegram channel and the most popular formats are HSBS / FSBS and ISO (blu ray). So we will concentrate on these formats because they are more popular

    1. Guest 3Daddict
      19 January 2023 20:45
      Dear admin and JFC, Kindly do continue with Full-OU for conversion movies. Please!
      You must know this that the best way too enjoy 3D is having a passive 3D set that supports 4K 2160p such as 4K 3D TVs made by LG on 2016...including OLED C6,E6 and G6. So please continue with Full-OU as well.
      1. Elsius
        20 January 2023 01:30
        I've been here for a very, very long time, no one ever asked for F-OU. If it was for 3DTV, 3D movies would be really dead. I support you getting what you want though it's on or two people's choice.

        Projector with 3D support barely keeps 3D alive, but it's VR that gave it life back.
        1. Guest 3Daddict
          20 January 2023 11:41
          But admin/JFC can really offer us with both Full-OU and Full-SBS, cant they? There is absolutely no need of HSBS or HOU.
          1. JFC
            20 January 2023 14:54
            Half-SBS is the most popular format, we did a vote.
            Half-SBS is compatible with pretty much every 3D device. Full SBS/OU is only compatible with VR/some projectors and 4K 3DTVs.
            A lot of people use 1080p 3DTVs. HSBS is the most popular format for these.

            Im not going to add 4 hours time encoding a different format just for 2 people.
            1. Guest 3Daddict
              20 January 2023 16:08
              Okay JFC, I rest my case.... So I'm done...Its your call at the end of the day.....Even though I will be really disappointed with the fact that you are not going to continue with Full-OU...I wont be wasting my time downloading your conversion then.
            2. Elsius
              20 January 2023 23:25
              You're just one person. Even though the admin provided us with almost all the 3D movies,documentaries and so one, you don't ever take one 5 seconds to register and be authentic. You're just like a guest passing by.
            3. Elsius
              20 January 2023 23:44
              The remaining 3DTV still exist today is on life support and most people no longer use them for watching 3D movies. They are being thrown away or trying to sell them on eBay. People that were born after the last 3DTV made already became full gown people in college. People that use those old 3D projectors doesn't want to invest in upgrading light bowls and all. 4K short throw projector with 3D support are the thing now and they are getting cheaper. Everyone can have access to a VR headset which was the reason I looked and found this site a while back. If it wasn't for VR, this site wouldn't last 5 more years.

              Recap: Last 3DTVs are now too old to keep going long enough. Old 3D projectors don't worth their parts being upgraded. It's about getting 4K short throw projector with 3D support for those who like 3D stuffs, but they barely adding 3D support. And the majority of the world who now have VR headset which is the future.
            4. JFC
              21 January 2023 01:17
              and yet most people voted HSBS as their favourite format. 1080p 3D projectors are still being made with new models every year, they are very popular. People using VR prefer Full-SBS, people with projectors and TVs prefer Half SBS.
              As for your comment "People that were born after the last 3DTV made already became full gown people in college."
              there are 4K 3D TVs from 2016, those people aren't even 7 years old yet, let alone starting college.
            5. Guest 3Daddict
              21 January 2023 21:51
              This is 1000% true. HSBS is widely known and a very very popular format.

              Why don't yo just stop offering Full-SBS if not Full-OU?
            6. Guest 3Daddict
              21 January 2023 21:54
              Okay I'm leaving this site. Ending my subscription. So many frustrated people are abusing other users. shame on them!
          2. Elsius
            20 January 2023 23:27

            @Guest 3Daddict 

            I agree with your first statement mate.

  6. 19 January 2023 08:09

    Dear admin, its really up to you to focus on which of the format for future conversions but we, the users of  passive 3D TVs are still in a need of having Full-OU. I would suggest you to focus on both Full-OU and Full-HSBS because Half-OU or Half-SBS both are compressed so none of these formats will offer  Full resolution.

    Kindly offer us with both Full-OU and Full-HSBS instead of  Half-OU and Half-SBS for better picture quality. 

    Thanks a ton!

  7. Elsius
    20 January 2023 23:56

    The main thing is that Admin continue to find original 3D movies that aren't yet on this site and new ones coming. I love the feeling of things coming at me, not just watching 3D.

    What JFC is doing is very special, because there are lot of movies that we would have never seen in 3D.

    We love competition. Once the story is all out there that someone successfully converted 2d to real 3D videos, other brilliant minds would try to dethrone JFC as King of 2D to 3D. They will now want to do the work they didn't care for before. When software company realize people aren't buying their garbage 2D to 3D software, they'll make their own for the public. Once that happens, I'll make my own 4K 3D movies.

    The reason there weren't 4K 3D movies such 3840x2160p was because of cost and demands. I want it :)

    1. JFC
      21 January 2023 01:20
      4K 3D is easy, but people dont want it and wont download it.
      1. Kalpesh Chavan
        22 January 2023 12:13
        How is 4K 3D simple? Can we create 4K 3D from 3D ISO?
      2. Kalpesh Chavan
        22 January 2023 12:15
        As per my knowledge 3D Blu-ray contains up to 1080p 3D not 2160p 3D.
  8. Elsius
    21 January 2023 03:14

    Great conversation guys :)

    and yet most people voted HSBS as their favourite format. 

    Lots of people don't know the difference between H-SBS and F-SBS. They know what SBS is and they just want it.

    I'm the top 3 contributors here in term of member, but I didn't know about the vote and I'm still unable to join the chat.

    Your 3840x1080p movies are 75% to 80% smaller size than 3D-HD and FGT 1080p H-SBS which is good.

    I download a lot from 4K-HD which has the highest video quality in the world. 

    Videos usually range from 55GB, 75GB, 90GB or even higher in size.

     RARBG posts lots of 180 degree videos and we all know what they are and one video is about 10GB or more.

    A 3840x1080p F-SBS video size from you isn't much at all. If people don't watch your videos at all, they may think they're not good due to size. So great job. 

    1. Guest 3Daddict
      21 January 2023 21:46
      You think 3D TVs were in stone age? lolz.....
      Get your facts clear...The last 3D TV were made by Panasonic in 2017 and in 2016 by LG, Samsung and Sony.

      I do agree that VR is a great option to experience 3D but do you really think filmmakers release 3D discs for VR set only?
      There are many active shutter 3D projectors are available and are being made by every single projector manufacturer.
  9. 3D ADMIN
    28 January 2023 22:05

    Hi all, I as the admin of this site see all your comments and requests and do the best for our users to make them feel comfortable. As JFC said above we can't do every possible format for every movie as it would take a very long time so we made a poll and will focus on the most popular formats. For those who care about F OU, JFC and I will probably do a tutorial on how to do this format ourselves. So expect 

    3Daddict To join the telegram channel https://t.me/club3dhd is easy, just click the link and the channel will link to the chat 

    Everyone is comfortable to watch on your device and in a convenient format should respect it. And let's discuss peacefully and in our chat. We invite you!

    1. Kalpesh Chavan
      29 January 2023 11:00
      Thanks for your generosity admin. Kindly do share the tutorial for me to convert the ISO into F-OU.

      I think 3Daddict was a bit more arrogant in his earlier chat about the passive 3D TV users, He called us(the user of 3D TVs) stone-age people, is not a good thing...actually is very inappropriate...hurting our sentiments...He must apologies to us.....
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