Bumblebee 3D Blu Ray 2018

Bumblebee 3D Blu Ray 2018

Year: 2018
Country: China
Producer: Travis Knight
Duration: 1h 54 min.
Format 3D: SBS 3D, OU 3D, 2D to 3D
Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr, John Cena, Jason Drucker, Pamela Adlon
IMDB: 6.7
2 894
Story 3D Movie
The spin-off of the popular Transformers franchise is set in 1987. While on the run, Bumblebee finds refuge in a small town on the California coast. Soon, the damaged Autobot, who received several battle wounds, is discovered by the girl Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), who is moonlighting in a local garage, who is now here is 18 years old. After restoring the wounded Bumblebee, the girl realizes that in front of her is not quite an ordinary Volkswagen Beetle in the movies Bumblebee 3d blu ray.
Review 3D Movie
On Cybertron, the planet of the Autobots and Decepticons, war has been raging for years. The Autobots are clearly losing in it, and during one of the battles, Optimus Prime sends his young assistant Bumblebee (though no one calls him that yet) to Earth. Bumblebee must protect this planet until until reinforcements arrive and the Autobots build their new base there. That's just after him, the Decepticon flies there and during the battle deprives Bumblebee of memory and speech.
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SBS 3D 1920x1080p: 20.15 GB

Over-Under 3D: 12.58 GB

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Trailer Bumblebee 3D Blu Ray 2018
Latest comments (17)
  1. Elsius
    2 March 2022 03:39
    It's NOT Side by Side. It's just a normal file so I don't know if it's 3D.


    Don't download this. It's not 3D Half-SBS and very poor quality for the size. its quality is like a 540p video for over 20GB file and it may not even be 3D
  2. 3D Enthusiast
    4 March 2022 21:07
    This video is NOT in 3D!!!
    How does something like this even happen? Who is in charge of this website that allows such mistakes like this slip through the cracks?
    There are so many problems on this website, whoever owns it should FIRE the person placed in charge of maintaining the content. The same person who regularly seems to ignore devoted users who leave useful comments pointing out the mistakes trying to help those in charge quickly fix the problems. Unfortunately those whose job it is to maintain this website do absolutely NOTHING to fix any errors. Because of this lack of caring about these mistakes, it requires website users to leave negative comments like this one to alert unsuspecting users from wasting their time and bandwidth downloading flawed videos semi-regularly.
  3. Elsius
    5 March 2022 08:04
    You're right @ 3D Enthusiast They don't seem to care. We're wasting our time leaving them comments to help fix their errors.

    I got a premium account because of this site. I will not renew after my 3 months.
  4. Fana
    5 March 2022 16:29
    You should message the admin about the problems...
  5. 3D Enthusiast
    5 March 2022 21:07

    I was told through a chat session that they are notified and review all comments after a posting. So, I see no reason to spend twice the amount of time and effort trying to complain about all the problems discovered. Even in a chat session about the problems with "The Mad Magician" that they said they would fix, they NEVER did fix a thing after a promise to do something.

    I find it more helpful to simply post negative comments which EVERYONE can see as a clear warning of the troubles with this website that private messaging or chats would help them cover up all the flaws and mistakes.


    It is strange that I did not see your original posting prior to me leaving mine about the same "not a 3D video" problem. KUDOS to you for getting involved in warning people about the problem with this video. Unfortunately this is not the first time a 2D video had been offered here as a 3D, again I'm unclear how this can even happen, especially more than once.

    I also agree that there is something not quite right with the resolution quality of this video. My scan show it is 1920x1080 with a large enough video bit rate of 22 Mbps, so why it looks this bad is a mystery to me. At 21GB in size, I've seen videos only 9GB in size with bit rates at a lower 15 Mbps range look much better. Very weird!

    You said previously "We're wasting our time leaving them comments to help fix their errors." I agree, however, I now think it is still important for us to post these comments, mainly to help users steer clear of the bad or fake videos others uncover. Also maybe some day the website owner will discover all the problems their administrators allow and never fix and hire someone new who truly cares and will eventually fix everything users have already documented.

  6. 10 March 2022 23:18
    The 3D is excellent compared to some files offered here (ex: Indiana Jones 2 and Star Wars I in 3D ...) however the file is in 3D MVC !! so yes it will be displayed in 2D with VLC, on my computer it launches correctly in 3D with CyberLink PowerDVD 19... so see your TV/PC screen settings.
    Only downside to this file, indeed the resolution is displayed as Full HD or it is indeed 540p but the frame rate being good and the depth / 3D burst effect being great it makes up for the error (knowing that this 3D film is extremely rare since the 3D version was only released in cinemas and never marketed)
  7. 3D ADMIN
    12 March 2022 07:56
    3D Enthusiast,
    Hello, we are always looking at your comments and posts so what you write is important to us! Unfortunately we can't check all movies and when you report bugs we fix or remove them! We need more opinions about a movie to decide whether to change or remove it, as sometimes that's not the case. Don't worry about movies not being changed or removed (it means we collect more data on quality). We do our best to find the best 3D movies unfortunately they are few and far between and sometimes fake, but we do our best to give you as many movies and the best quality as possible.  Thank you for your comments and for your understanding!

    Hello, as I said above we do care and we are always looking at your comments it may not be quick! We always respond and will respond to all your requests this is important to us! Unfortunately the movies come in poor quality but we are fixing that. Here's how we fixed the movie for you https://3d-hd.club/90-godzilla-king-of-the-monsters-3d.html after you pointed out the problem have you already seen it? I hope you will change your mind about our site. We're doing the best we can. 

    Hello, glad you were able to see this movie in 3D. Thank you for your comment, that's why we collect as much feedback as possible to make an objective decision on changing or deleting the file. We will look at the other films as well
  8. 12 March 2022 18:50
    Hello Anemy
    the only problem here is the image quality, it's very strange but I think it comes from the Rip made or simply from the source (about 540p)
    However the 3D IMAX is great! (good 3D depth and a lot of spurt effect throughout the film).
    But I'm very curious to know the video source of this upload ... indeed the film was screened in IMAX 3D but never marketed in this form. So where does the source come from ?
    Because it is not a simple 3D conversion !
    1. 3D ADMIN
      13 March 2022 08:24
      all movies on our site we find or create ourselves as the format 3840x1080p but we can not check everything so we are waiting for feedback from our active users like you!
  9. 3D Enthusiast
    13 March 2022 05:26

    I'm glad to see someone finally commenting on comments.

    The problem here is ... your reply to Stycles.

    Although Stycles claims to see the movie in 3D, others like myself and 3Daddict CAN'T.

    If Stycles uses a special software player to view this in 3D, how does that help others who only see's it in 2D. One problem here is your FAQ's state only 5 types of 3D videos you offer. (see Below)

    — Side-by-Side 3D 1920×1080p
    — Side-by-Side 3D 3840×1080p
    — Over Under 3D
    — Blu-Ray 3D
    — Anaglyph 3D

    If Stycles  is seeing this video in 3D, then it is in an unknown format NOT listed above and that nobody else can seem to see or use. As this is an unacceptable format I would say remove it or fix it to match what you say that you offer so many others are not frustrated by this unknown format that you do NOT offer because it is NOT a SBS as the label claims. Open the file yourself if you doubt our claims and you will see for yourself that it is not a typical SBS video.
    1. 3D ADMIN
      13 March 2022 08:21
      I understand your problem and we are trying to do what we can for you! As stated above this movie was not originally released in 3D and it is a specially created version that we have added. Since it's not the original 3D it might be a problem. We can't change it as there is no better version of this movie yet, but if anything changes we'll add it right away.
  10. 14 March 2022 18:34
    Man, you people like to complain. Maybe this one doesn't work correctly, big deal. Wait awhile, and one will prob show up in a typical format. Although I've heard all versions of this look like poo because it's sourced from a SKY TV rip. Look at it this way, if you are paying for a month or three, or whatever - you paid what it costs to buy a single 3D movie on disc. Being able to get the last 3 Marvel films (which cost over $80 each, only as a Japanese import) has been worth the nominal fee. If you would like to complain, then why don't you just buy the legit discs yourself. Don't be a knob.

  11. 17 March 2022 13:27
    3D Enthusiast

    I see and understand your concerns because I was faced with it myself when I started in 3D (on PC) without really having any experience. Indeed the SBS formats are the easiest to launch on PC (and directly on TV) with software like nvidia 3d vision player or stereoscopic player. but for here we have a 3D MVC file (it is specified in the title of the source) and just like the 3D ISO or .mkv3d files you must play them (on PC) with a software like CyberLink PowerDVD (I have version 19) or DVDFAB PLAYER (5 or 6). Because 3D MVC, ISO 3D or mkv3D files are the best files you will find for 3D without loss of quality. except here because the quality is worthy of a dvd and a slightly degraded color SDR compared to standard quality, however I remind you, it is the only file available of Bumblebee in 3D is with excellent 3D effects! (but the quality and color will go unnoticed on TV)
    If you don't have the motivation to buy or crack the software I mentioned, you can always burn them directly on blank blu ray to launch them directly on TV (because 3D MVC is not readable directly from usb or on VLC). If you have difficulty burning this type of file, I invite you to convert it to ISO format with TSmuxer. If you want to improve the image quality and the colors, I recommend Cyberlink Power DVD which has the TRUETHEATER option which slightly improves the video quality.
  12. Elsius
    30 March 2022 12:02
    The newly added one Over-Under 3D one is amazing and is actually 3D.

    I doubt it's a 2D to 3D. It's not the very best but extremely great, You'll all enjoy it.

    How was this accomplished? Is it from a 3D source? I don't believe Home computer and software can achieve that type of 3D quality.

    Please let me know.


  13. 3D Enthusiast
    4 April 2022 03:25
    Thanks for your reply regarding the unusual MVC file I’ve never heard of or seen before. Although the file is indeed labeled MVC, the web link states SBS which is very confusing and thought it might just be a rippers initials.
    Again, thanks for taking the time to reply in more detail as this was very helpful to me personally, and hopefully others in the future.
    I have also been doing this for a long time, however, I do NOT watch 3D videos on my PC. I own a 3D TV using active shutter glasses. I also use tsMuxer to create Blu-ray files directory structures prior to burning the files to disc. Your suggestion to create an ISO with tsMuxer did NOT make since to me as this is NOT an available option, however, I was WRONG. I’ve been doing this for many many years and my tsMuxer was so outdated I did not realize it was still an actively supported software which had been updated with several new features. Not only does it now do Blu-ray ISO’s, but it also supports 3D videos and actually sees the second video track unlike my older version, WOW what a revelation!
    I also use a software called MediaInfo to analyze the file contents and determine the bit-rate for these movies so I can re-encode them to improve color or brightness, as well as crop off the top and bottom black bars on most movies. For this editing I use a software called “Xmedia Recode”. Analyzing the MVC file with MediaInfo shows file details like nothing I’ve ever seen before, very interesting. It still only shows 1 video stream, however, the format profile says “Stereo” and list 2 High@4.1 fields which seemed unusual. Also there is a “MultiView” layout field that says “Both Eyes laced in one block (left eye first)”.
    I took your suggestion and created and burned an ISO from the MVC file. To my SHOCK my TV played the Disc in 3D! It even “Automatically” changed the TV to 3D which is an IMPOSSIBLE act that none of my research has been able to figure out how to make happen. I’d love to learn how this was made possible as would many others searching for this solution.
    Unfortunately like with most 3D videos many portions are very dark, especially when wearing 3D glasses. This is why I typically recode every video to increase their brightness and enrich the colors and contrast, plus remove the black bars to give me full screen video prior to a burn to disc. Subsequently, after your suggestion to create an ISO from the MVC file, I used my purchased DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper software to create a SBS MKV video that I could then edit and recode as described above. Unfortunately what ever special encoding an ISO or MVC file contains to “Automatically” selects 3D when launching a Blu-ray disc is lost and must be selected manually in the future. Again, if anyone knows a special code or method to create an automated selection of 3D, please post a solution.

    1. Garth
      8 September 2022 18:10
      3D Enthusiast

      I'm interested in using “Xmedia Recode” to edit the 3D movies, especially the darker movies. Is there a guide available online that shows how to use the software?
  14. 3D Enthusiast
    5 April 2022 02:29
    Continued from above posting because of size limitation which requires a days delay, what a DRAG:

    I wish this website had a forum so we could share useful information with each other more easily than posting comments with size limitations. I doubt this longer posting will fit in 1 posting and may have to follow up with a 2nd a day later to get it to all display.
    Stycles, please reply briefly to this posting so I know you’ve seen it. I want to be sure you understand my appreciation for you elaborating on how you were able to see this video in 3D when others could not. I’d given up reviewing this posting for awhile and only located it recently after seeing an Over/Under version had been added. Unfortunately, I’ve tried to select the Over/Under version twice now and it can’t locate the file which then blocks by efforts to try again for 24-hours. Hopefully this will be corrected soon. With the new information you provided, I no-longer care about the Over/Under version as I can not access the MVC version and do it myself both now and in the future.
    Thanks again,
    3D Enthusiast
    To ManInTheDark, all the complaining you complained about, has yielded positive results for me and hopefully for many others.
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