Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 3D Blu Ray 2023

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 3D Blu Ray 2023

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Producer: Steven Caple Jr.
Duration: 2h 7 min.
Cast: Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Luna Lauren Velez
Conversion 2D to 3D by: JFC
IMDB: 6,3
8 393
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Story 3D Movie

In Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 3D, the story is expected to take place in a new era where humans and Transformers coexist, but face a new threat. The film is said to introduce the Maximals and Predacons, two factions of Transformers inspired by the Beast Wars series.

The plot might revolve around a group of archaeologists who uncover ancient artifacts that hold the key to an ancient Cybertronian secret. As they delve deeper into their research, they unwittingly awaken an ancient evil that threatens not only Earth but the entire Transformers universe. Optimus Prime and the Autobots, along with new allies among the Maximals, transform into animal forms to combat the emerging threat. The Predacons, led by their sinister leader, seek to harness the power of the artifacts for their own malevolent purposes, plunging the world into chaos.

The film would likely feature intense battles between the Autobots, Maximals, and Predacons across various iconic locations, both on Earth and in outer space. The human characters, including a new group of heroes, would play a significant role in assisting the Transformers in their fight to protect humanity and restore peace. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is expected to deliver epic action sequences, breathtaking visual effects, and explore the deep lore of the Transformers franchise while introducing new characters and concepts. Ultimately, the film would showcase the power of unity and the importance of preserving the balance between humans and Transformers in the face of an existential threat.

3D Movie from the Franchise - Transformers

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 3D Blu Ray 2023 originally was not released in 3D but has been converted to 3D specifically for the 3D-HD.CLUB, offering viewers an enhanced visual experience of the thrilling action sequences and special effects in the movie.

3D conversion by JFC

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Comment from JFC:
"While working on Tenet, this film surprised me with a digital release, so i figured it would be best to take a short break in order to get this out. Using a lot of similar ideas that I’m incorporating into Tenet, Transformers is the training ground, early feedback from tests has been great, some shots even better than the studio conversion. So I’m very excited to see the reaction to this film"

JFC brings the club Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in record time, featuring over 500 manual shots over the two hour runtime, utilising some new tools and ideas to bring a conversion that some early testers have said beats the studio 3D version in multiple scenes. A truly amazing feat that adds another dimension to this film where it is needed, download now to transform your experience of this film!
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Trailer Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 3D Blu Ray 2023
Latest comments (18)
  1. Guest
    24 July 2023 19:21
    First of all I really appriciate all the effort regarding this 3D conversion.
    I personally just can't cope with wrong 3D object placement for it just ruins the effect in a irreversable manor.
    The very first object (!) in this movie (planet with rings) has a wrong 3D placement so - sorry to say - that's a no go for me.
  2. SS
    24 July 2023 22:34
    Space shots generally are left in 2D on many studio conversions (check it out on Avatar 1 and 2, or any of the new Star Wars films), and artifacts such as those you describe are... complicated.
    I was told that the theatrical 3D version of this movie left some shots of this scene in 2D (I didn't get a 3D release in my country), so enjoying this conversion was PRICELESS. I encourage you to feel delighted with the following sequences; you won't regret it.
    JFC has been improving his technique release after release. Try watching Evil Dead Rise and Cocaine Bear. You'll be mind blown.
    In my honest opinion after watching this improvement release after release: That opening sequence was nothing but EPIC.
  3. xx
    24 July 2023 22:58
    The 3d is phenomenal, JFC did such a good job that many times it feels like i'm watching a native 3d release. This really is some impressive work.

    I'm amazed at how his technique continues to get better while maintaining the clarity of the movie. Much appreciated. Thanks
  4. oso_enmascarado
    24 July 2023 23:46
    In response to 3Dimension, the opening shot happens in space. In real life everything in space appears plain. If you watch the first shots of Avatar when the spacecrafts arrive Pandora, everything is completely plain because Cameron wanted to shot realistic. It would be impossible to see a planet at a sphere in space or appreciate any kind of distance. What happens is that studios have got people used to things that are not real. JFC has given a bit of depth to please the audience used to it. But this cannot anyway be realistic.
    I can't understand why people don't browse over the whole movie. If stay till next scene in the planet, you will see a realistic 3D. If you want to be impressed, go to the road race and fight at 1:08:30. It is incredible how realistic 3D without erros, misplacement or halos. Stay up to minute seven and watch the interiors. Or go to minut 45 for more action. JFC conversions are not perfect (nor are studio conversions). But sometimes it is intentional. One guy is making the work of a whole team in record time. Eventually (but not easily) you might see a 3D wrong placement, but this is the exception that confirms the rule. Dscarding a movie for the 1st shot makes you losing a good conversion. I remember to be astonished with JFC's X-Men Dark Phoenix and I found a scene where some machine guns were misplaced. Would you really discard a whole movie that seems native 3D for some machine guns in a 2 sec scene Really? That is discarding transformers because you didn't like the planet. I don't want to pay the price of getting only 2 movies a year for that (useless) perfection. I prefer finding a misplaced element every dozen movies, and get dozen movies instead of one. Lot's of studio movies have bigger erros. It is very common to suffer scale errors because converters won't respect separation and convergence. That does not happen with JFC conversions. Trust me, give another opportunity to the movie, don't look at that planet if you don't like it, its only 5 secs. You are missing the experience.
    1. 3Ddimension
      25 July 2023 21:01
      Many thanks oso_enmascarado for your comment!

      It made me reconsider to give this conversion a second chance and boy; I was very glad I did!
      So I must apologize to JFC for this truly wonderful conversion.
      Is it perfect? No it ain't.
      Am I overly critial? I suppose so.
      Is it good? No it ain't. Good doesn't do justice enough. It's just very good!

      To put things in perspective: this is the first conversion to stay.

      Keep up the good work!
      1. MM
        26 July 2023 19:45
        I am glad to see you change your mind. I honestly liked the 3D perspective. Personally I wasn't seeing where the realism was a big deal, considering none of us has been to space, and I wasn't looking for realism in Transformers Rise of the Beast, heh.

        It is a really great conversion and honestly I have been thinking about watching it again. I have my fingers crossed that JFC will go back and do the original transformers movie so we can make it a nice clean set.
  5. Daniel
    25 July 2023 14:11
    I'm having problems with the Bluray ISO. it has some errors when try to open the disc.That's t the errors i'm getting from the ISO.

    can't read "::audio_rate_map(0)": no such element in array
    can't read "::audio_rate_map(0)": no such element in array
    while executing
    "append out "Audio : [string totitle $s(lang)] $::codec_map($s(coding_type)), $::audio_format_map($s(format)), $::audio_rate_map($s(rate)) Khz""
    (procedure "HrStream" line 20)
    invoked from within
    "HrStream $s"
    (procedure "HrStreams" line 33)
    invoked from within
    "HrStreams $::playlists($mpls)"
    (procedure "ShowDetails" line 9)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "ExtractUsefulPlaylists" line 49)
    invoked from within
    "ExtractUsefulPlaylists true"
    (procedure "OpenBD" line 109)
    invoked from within
    "OpenBD $r"
    (procedure "SelectBD" line 12)
    invoked from within
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    " invoke "
    invoked from within
    " instate !disabled { invoke } "
    invoked from within
    " instate pressed { state !pressed; instate !disabled { invoke } } "
    (command bound to event)

    someone else have problems with the ISO?
    1. Bumblefreak
      19 August 2023 16:37
      Yes - I use PowerDVD to play iso and with this iso I just get a blank screen, same with the first Pirates of the Caribbean iso. All other iso work for me.
    2. Bakou
      29 September 2023 01:47
      Same here, neither my BR player (Sony UBP-X800) nor PS4 can play the disc. I don't any issue with all the other discs I have burned from the site.
      Maybe ISO is corrupted?
  6. Guest
    25 July 2023 21:00
    Just fantastic work, I really enjoyed the 3D and the super fast release. I could easily show this to someone and they would think it was done by a professional studio. I am so excited to see what future works come out.
    1. 3D ADMIN
      25 July 2023 21:39
      the next big 3D releases are coming very soon Top 10 Most Anticipated JFC 3D Conversion Movies
  7. Guest
    31 July 2023 15:54
    When I want to watch a movie, I download the ISO version and burn it onto a Blu-ray. However, I've run into some issues with certain movies, like the latest Transformers, Scream V, and Scream VI. My Blu-ray player doesn't seem to recognize the 3D disks. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to fix this?
    By the way, JFC, I'd like to express my gratitude for your hard work. Your conversion for Evil Dead Rise and Cocaine Bear was truly impressive. Thank you so much!
    1. JFC
      31 July 2023 22:09
      All three movies you listed have been downloaded and viewed by other people using the ISO, all three of them are from Paramount too, it could be a Paramount issue. Not all 3D Blu-ray players are built the same, PS3 and Samsung players are known to have some issues. I’ve heard good things regarding LG players.
      I don’t use discs, so i can only tell you what others tell me.

      A workaround for other players is to re-encode the ISO with BDtoAVCHD, but this may cause a slight loss of quality.
  8. JC
    18 August 2023 17:24
    @JFC, only a word : Respect.
    Thank you

    Hi JFC
    Only a word : Respect
    Almost perfect.
  9. Josue Marin
    21 August 2023 05:50
    During his testing days, JFC sent TWOOO different versions of the first 3 or 4 minutes of the movie.
    And God, I just didn't know how much to say I loved it!!!
    The days went by, and I got my VR headset. Goodness Lord!
    How can just ONE GUY do all this crazy shit??
    come the release day, and SURPRISE.
    THERE WAS SOMETHING DIFFEREMT AGAIN!!! He improved it a THIRD TIME!! I just laughed, and proceeded to delight myself with the movie.
    I laughed because of certain boo-boos (insert Sheldon Cooper meme) with antennas and swords hahahaha.
    He had been complaining about those in the Telegram community.
    God. This movie only got a 2D release in my country, so I never felt the desire to watch it.
    And oh, my... Thank you, JFC. You're our hero.

    A solid 9.6 out of ten!!!

    And to all of you: consider giving the man a coffee cup on his kofi account!
  10. Antonio Carranza Salazar
    11 September 2023 04:41
    Hello! i have a question hehe
    The ISO movies have spanish(Latin america) language?
  11. Alain57
    16 September 2023 20:27
    Hello, the ISO file does not work on the pana UB9000 player, the film freezes after 1 hour of viewing, it's a shame, the 3D is perfect, thank you cordially
  12. E.G.
    4 October 2023 18:08
    I have found that it doesn't play with PowerDVD (only a black screen). Must have a structure problem. When I open it with DVDFab to make a movie only with down graded audio it fails to process. It seems JFG let the movie play all the way to the end but there is NO VIDEO with the audio from the 1:57.41 mark and it keeps playing till 2:07:17. It needs to be trimmed to that mark to be processed correctly. Hope JFG will fix it. Thanks for all your efforts JFG, keep up the good work.
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