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Guy Ritchie
2h 8min min.
Adventure 3D

Story 3D Movie

A street hustler named Aladdin (MENA Massoud) dreams of becoming a Prince and marrying Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). While Aladdin thinks how to achieve this, Agrabah's vizier Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) plans to seize power over the city. But for this he needs a magic lamp hidden in the cave of miracles. And only the one who is called "diamond not cut" can get this lamp. Such a "diamond" is Aladdin, who does not even know about it. Jafar can only force a street thief to get a lamp, but soon everything gets out of his control.

Review 3D Movie

The Arabian night is dark and full of pickpockets. Poor Aladdin is able to Rob anyone, but at the same time always ready to come to the aid of the same disadvantaged as himself. One day, Aladdin helps an unfamiliar southern beauty escape from trouble, and a spark breaks out between them. The girl's name is Jasmine, and she is a Princess, but she pretends to be a servant from the Palace. Jasmine dreams of becoming a Sultan, while her father tries to marry her off to another stupid Prince, and the court vizier Jafar seeks to seize power. He tries to get a lamp, which contains a magical Genie, ready to fulfill any three desires. And this lamp falls into the hands of Aladdin.

Like any Hollywood film on an ethnic theme, "Aladdin" was waiting for the test with accusations of whitewashing: the caste of Billy Magnussen was considered an insult, then Naomi Scott was not Arab enough. But Aladdin was played by a real Egyptian MENA Masood, for whom it was the first role on the big screen. He did it with dignity, but slightly lost in the background of the real stars of this film — will Smith in the image of a Genie and Iranian Nazim Pedrad, who played the maid Jasmine. Smith owns a good half of the jokes and fun (the second went to Pedrad and their tandem). As for the success of the "thalurania" character, then this part can only forgive, because closing your eyes to it will not succeed.


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intrested 3d movies for kids

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Agree with you! Another good movie is Toy story 4

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dear sir/madam,
i have downloaded this movie in original blu ray disk 3d movie but it cant show 3d it shows 2d video,and while downloading sbs it cant show real 3d background is not clear plz help me 

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