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3d movies 2018 The Grinch this is an animated film version of an old film about the Grincha The Christmas Thief. Only now is this family cartoon. Not far from Ktohrad, a gloomy green Grinch lives in a cave hidden from prying eyes. Once the inhabitants of the city caused him a deadly offense - an unusual appearance made the hero the subject of ridicule of all boys, girls and even adults in Ktograd. In response to these sneers, the Grinch has closed his heart from any good and now is wasting his days in the company of the only living creature, dog Max. As the holiday, so beloved by the ktograds people, is approaching, Grinch's already far from angelic character deteriorates.

Review 3D Movie

This time, the screen version of the poetic work about the many years of opposition to the ever-disgruntled Grinch and the rest of the funny people of the small town, lost somewhere in the mountains, was taken up by an animation professional like Yarrow Cheney. It was he who set up the first “Secret Life of Pets”, and also managed to work as an artist on the “Despicable Me” and “Lorax” dilogy (which, by the way, Dr. Seuss also invented, perhaps that's why some obvious visual parallels). Helped Yarrow Scott Mosier, who gained fame through working with Kevin Smith. But let this fact not scare you - The Grinch turned out to be absolutely harmless New Year's project, which is ideal for viewing during the winter holidays. The plot remained absolutely classic. The film must be watched by all!
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