Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 3D Full HD 2018 1080p

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J.A. Bayona
2h 8 min.
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“The World of the Jurassic Period 2” is a continuation of the American science fiction film of 2015 “The World of the Jurassic Period” and the fifth part of the franchise, launched by the “Jurassic Park”. The director was Juan Antonio Bayona.

The focus will be on Claire Deering (Bryce Dallas Howard), who founded an organization called Dinosaur Defense Group. Enlisting the support of two of their assistants (Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith), Claire plans to remove all prehistoric animals from the island of Isla Nublar, which housed a park-reserve with dinosaurs, because of the existence of a newly awakened volcano. The events of the picture start from the moment Deering appeals for help to his old friend Owen Grady (Chris Pratt the same Peter Quill of the new Avengers). At this time, the team of the main characters is still waiting for a big danger, and now from the side of the gangsters, who have dishonestly taken hold of the technology of growing new types of dinosaurs.

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Honest review 

I want to give my opinion I know many of the reviews people didn't like the movie but I don't know if many that didn't like it had read both novels Jurassic park and the lost world that Michael Crichton had wrote what was in the movie was influenced from the novels and let's not forget Mount sibo the volcano was introduce in telltale games Jurassic Park the game which played a part in the movie while the eruption of said volcano was influenced on the end novel on Jurassic park.

I was already prepared after not only going through some of the media and owning both novels I enjoyed the movie and that was the reason on my score you have to know what was used in the movie and the last film was influenced from the novels of the people who disliked the film please go back and read both novels and not only that the Dino protection group and the masarni global website and Jurassic park the game will not only help out but you will understand the film a bit better

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Name: Jon

I wath this movie in 3d Very good!

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Marjina Khatun

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Name: raju

i like this movies

i like this movie

Name: Apu

I love this idea to enjoy 3d

Name: Siddik

Please will you uploaded a horror movie in 3D please I'm requesting you please

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Name: YUN

I don't know whats wrong with this website but 3~5days for 1 movie download is crazy.
I even sign-in for premium. I don't get the reason why I even signed up for. 
2days passed tried for many times couldn't download single movie.

you guys really need to fix the server if not this slow downloading speed makes no sense.

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not worth single penny

Name: Omer

Hi guys. Is this movie for VR or just 3d glases?