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Story 3D Movie

Point Break 3D movie this is not a continuation of part of 1991, but a completely different film. Johnny is a young FBI agent specializing in undercover work. He has repeatedly come out of the most difficult situations, always finishing his work to the end. His next task is penetration into a gang of thieves. However, these people are not ordinary robbers: their main difference from the others is their passion for extreme sports. They use their skills at every new robbery, and it is very difficult to become part of their team. To enter the gang and stop the criminals, Johnny will have to prove that he is the same as them, and for this he will have to risk his own life more than once ...

Review 3D Movie

Extreme sportsman nicknamed Utah during the execution of one of the dizzying stunts is unable to help his best friend - he breaks off a cliff and dies. The young man who has stuck with adrenaline jumps goes to study at the FBI Academy, but even there the past does not let go of Utah. Bureau experts tie together several daring raids that occurred in three different parts of the world, made their criminals, completely devoid of fear. Utah calculates what the next 'feat' of extremes should turn out to be, and sets off to test its conjecture. The young agent not only correctly predicts the place of appearance of the gang, but also manages to become part of it, but an understanding of the true goals of Bodhi and his team makes Utah doubt the correctness of his own actions.
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