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Rent 3d movies can be on our website The plot of the film Venom 3D Blu Ray is about how Eddie Brock is a loser journalist whose excessive desire for justice led to the loss of his job, his bride, and his self-confidence. And all because of the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist Carlton Drake, who, on suspicion of a journalist, between the launch of rockets and tours for children, conducts deadly experiments on people (how is this, Ilon Musk ?!). One of the Drake’s rockets brings to the Earth samples of alien beings, symbiotes, in which the scientist sees the potential for creating improved humans. Eddie, illegally sneaking into Drake's lab, becomes the master for one of the symbiotes, Venom. Both of them open the hunt.

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The plot Venom 3D 2018 is inspired by a mini-series of comics 'The Deadly Defender' and the plot arch 'Planet of Symbiots'. Venom (Tom Hardy) and Spider-Man signed a contract, pledging to leave each other alone. Eddie also promised to abandon criminal activity and soon moved from New York to San Francisco, where he entered the fight against the Diggers - representatives of an alien race, subordinate to the Mole Man. Then, on Brock, he began to hunt the unprincipled Life Foundation, which sought to use the power of Venom for his own purposes, creating five new siblings of the symbiote, known as Crick, Fage, Riot, Lesher and Agony.
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